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EMPI Heater Boxes, & J-Tubes

Item: 3657
Price: $23.95

Left Stock Heater Box, Ceramic Coated
Item: 55-3012
Price: $214.95

Right Stock Heater Box, Ceramic Coated
Item: 55-3013
Price: $214.95

Dansk H.D. Heater Box, Left
Item: 95-3012
Price: $139.95

Heater Box Lever Kit - Left
Item: 95-3014
Price: $9.00

Heater Box Lever Kit - Right
Item: 95-3015
Price: $9.00

Dansk H.D. Heater Box, Right
Item: 95-3013
Price: $139.95

Heater Hose, 50x1000mm
Item: 3378
Price: $3.95

Carb/Preheater Ducting, 1 1/2'x36'
Item: 3490
Price: $3.15

Carb/Preheater Ducting, 3/4'x36'
Item: 3496
Price: $3.95

Carb/Preheater Ducting,1'x36'
Item: 3497
Price: $4.95

Carb/Preheater Ducting,1 1/2'x36'
Item: 3498
Price: $3.85

Carb/Preheater Ducting,1 3/4'x36'
Item: 3499
Price: $4.95

Heater Hose 50mm X 1000mm, Black
Item: 3706
Price: $5.95

Carb/Preheat Ducting, 3/4"x36"
Item: 3488
Price: $2.95


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