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vw upholstery color samples

VW Bug Carpet Kits offering of VW Bug carpet kits include German Squareweave, loop or cut-pile carpeting. All of our VW Bug carpet kits are available in a large selection of colors to give your interior the "look" you want.

Our VW Bug carpet kits are made in the USA for both sedan and convertibles. In addition, we offer VW Bug carpet kits for vehicles that have the footrest (the angled metal plate under the carpet at the front of the passenger side) and those that do not. This guarantees a great fit every time. You do not have to go to junk yards trying to hunt down the footrest for your specific car (good luck).

We also offer Premium VW Bug carpet kits that are pre-cut and have grommets for gear shift, emergency brake boot, seat belts (where applicable) and heater control knob (1964 and earlier). This makes installation much easier and eliminates making the wrong cuts in the wrong places. Premium VW carpet kits will save you time in installation.

At California Pacific/JBugs, we also offer trunk carpet kits, tire covers and rear carpet kits in matching colors for all cars.

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