Baja/Dune Buggy Exhausts

In early April, 2015 Bugpack was purchased by EMPI

Many of Bugpack's items will still be available as they are or were identical to items available from EMPI. Unfortunately some items have been or soon will be discontinued. At this point some items have already been discontinued from our website. Other items are still listed as available but may not be.

EMPI's purchase of Bugpack included all of Bugpack's inventory and EMPI is working quickly to move and inventory those items in to their facility. There may be some delay in receiving Bugpack specific items and some items may no longer be available.

We appreciate your patience and apologize for the inconvenience.

When going off road, the stock VW exhaust system can look out of place on a dune buggy. Most aftermarket street exhaust systems will look out of place as well. Off road buggys need ground clearance, especially at the rear where the exhaust hangs and can cause issues with departure angles when in the dunes. Dropping into a wash or driving off of a ledge opens the rear of your dune buggy or baja bug to damage as soon wheel passes the edge.

You want an exhaust that will sit up higher than the engine for ground clearance. Any exhaust that will offer more performance than stock is a bonus! We offer divided mufflers and exhausts for dune buggys. Baja bugs can use exhaust systems with or without the stock heater boxes and with a muffler or a stinger. 4 into 1 racing exhausts are great for off road race buggies and for those that need, spark arrestors and exhaust baffles are available too.

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