We carry only the finest VW Brake Parts and VW Wheel Bearings available for your 1953-1957 VW Beetle.

Our Volkswagen Brake Parts selection includes VW Brake Drums, Brake Shoes, Brake Pads, Master Cylinders, Brake Hoses, Brake Lines, Brake Reservoirs, and Brake Hardware Kits.

The Volkswagen Bug/ Super Beetle were originally made with Drum Brakes. This system can provide adequate braking power in most circumstances, but has a tendency to fade or lose effectiveness in high braking conditions. We offer a VW Disc Brake conversion kit if you are ready to convert to Disc Brakes in your Volkswagen.

We only sell the highest quality German, Italian, and TRW Volkswagen Brake products and Wheel Bearings that are made to last a lifetime.

1953-1957 Beetle Hard Brake Lines:

  • 113611723A - 200mm - Master Cylinder to Front Left Brake Hose
  • 113611724B - 425mm - Master Cylinder to Front Right Brake Hose
  • 211611741K - 2180mm - Master Cylinder to Rear Brake Line "T"
  • 113611763A - 190mm - Rear Brake Line "T" to Left Rear Brake Hose
  • 211611723A - 720mm - Rear Brake Line "T" to Right Rear Brake Hose
  • 113611782 - 390mm - Rear Brake Hose to Left or Right Rear Wheel Cylinder (on the Axle Tubes, 2 needed per car)

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