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A VW Road Trip Map May 12th 2017

Road Trip Preparation

Here at JBugs, we are all about summer road trips, especially when it is in one of our favorite classic VW's. We decided to put a list together of all the essentials needed before you head out on the road. From the best phone apps (yes, to use while driving) to spare parts, we think we covered just about everything.

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These items are important for all vehicle owners, but we have more tools specifically for classic VW owners. We found that all classic VW's have similar problems on long trips, so we compiled a list of items that are a must to bring on road trips. Keep in mind these are just some suggestions, you know your car and your abilities to make road side repairs best. We can tell you from our own experiences though, something as simple as a barrel nut or an electrical terminal and pliers can make the difference between sitting on the side and driving home.

  • 1. Haynes manual or Owner's manual
  • 2. Spare parts
    • Accelerator Cable & Barrel Nut
    • Fan belt
    • Fuses
    • Fuel Filter Hose & Clamps
    • Set of spark plugs
    • Points, distributor, rotor arm and dizzy cap
    • Plug leads
    • Clutch Cable & Wingnut
    • Coil
    • Generator/Alternator Pulley, Shims & Keyway
    • Vacuum Hose (if you have a vacuum advance distributor)
  • 3. Tools for roadside maintenance
    • Wheel brace or long breaker bar
    • Impact sockets
    • Jack
    • Lug nuts
    • Spark plug tool
    • Vice Grips
    • Metric Wrench Set
    • Metric Socket Set with Ratchets & Extensions
    • Metric Allen Key Set
    • Screwdriver Set (large, medium & small, Phillips & flathead)
    • Large Crescent/Adjustable Wrench
    • Pliers (Bullnose, needle nose, snips/side cutters & electrical)
    • T handle tool
    • Electrical Terminal Crimp Ends
    • Spool of wire
    • Safety Wire
    • Zip Ties
    • Electrical Tape
    • Duct Tape
  • 4. Replacement fluids
    • Can of oil
    • Extra fuel
    • As well as a funnel and rags
We know that this list may seem a bit overwhelming and most of you are thinking, where am I going to put all of that stuff? But trust us, it is way better to be over-prepared than under-prepared. Especially with all the VW events happening across the country this summer, you need to get yourself ready for some fun in the sun.