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Back to School Shopping with JBugs

July 14th 2017

With the school year beginning in just a couple weeks, JBugs wants to help you and your kids pick up a few last minute school supplies that are sure to show off your VW enthusiasm.

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The Incredible Story of JBugs' Sam Mebane

July 10th 2017

By the time this interview publishes, Sam Mebane, our resident VW expert, will be celebrating his 19th year here at JBugs. Sam has been here so long, he remembers the "good old days" when JBugs had only seven employees all crammed in a 500 square foot building.

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Block Parties, BBQ's & Fourth of July Fun

June 30th 2017

Grilling has been a staple in society since the discovery of fire over 500,000 years ago. Not only is it the best way to cook the perfect steak but it is a great way to get your family, friends and neighbors together for some fun in the sun.

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A Guide to July's Best VW Events from Coast to Coast:

June 27th 2017

We had so much fun planning the road trip from East coast to West and vice versa that we decided to do it again for the month of July. This time, we focus on each coast separately.

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El Prado Show and Shine

June 23rd 2017

Last Saturday, a few of our JBugs team headed out to setup a booth at the El Prado Show and Shine in Chino, CA and surprisingly for June in the San Bernardino County, the weather was ideal for a day in the sun.

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Preparing your VW for Summer

June 6th, 2017

California has experienced the worst drought in its history and temperatures are only going to continue to rise as the summer season falls upon us. All car owners, whether they are classic or not, have the looming uncertainty that their cars will overheat at one point or another.

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Bonding & Bondo

May 30th, 2017

With graduation for the class of 2017 mere months away, there is little time to figure out the perfect gift for your graduate. Often times, parents have trouble finding something that speaks to an emerging adult with little to no idea about the world they are about to enter.

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Becoming the Baja

May 19th 2017

Back in 1962, a Hollywood stuntman and two of his friends set out to Tijuana, Mexico to test ride the new Honda CL72 Scramblers for American Honda. With one gallon plastic gas cans tied to their fuel tanks, the men endured a 950 mile long journey from Tijuana to La Paz.

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June Road Trip Guide

May 12th 2017

With summer right around the corner, we thought it would be the perfect time to plan a cross-country road trip. JBugs is here to help you find all the fun activities across the nation specifically for VW enthusiasts and classic car fans. From the June Bug Classic VW Car Show in Mohnton, PA to the RVA Volkswagen d'Elegance in Sunny California, we have you covered.

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Road Trip Essentials

May 4th 2017

Here at JBugs, we are all about summer road trips, especially when it is in one of our favorite classic VW's. We decided to put a list together of all the essentials needed before you head out on the road. From the best phone apps (yes, to use while driving) to spare parts, we think we covered just about everything.

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