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  • Oil & Fluid Recommendations:
    • Engine Oil:
      Important Note: First and foremost, make sure that the engine oil you use has Zinc or, use a Zinc additive. Modern oils do not have Zinc which is required for older, solid lifter engines.
      • Straight 30 weight (SAE30 or HD30) is recommended for colder climates.
      • Straight 40 weight (SAE40 or HD40) is recommended for warmer climates.
      • 20W50 can be used in a pinch but we recommend non-multigrade oil.
      • We do not recommend using synthetic oils in air-cooled VWs. Synthetic oils are composed of thinner molecules, and in our experience tend to leak more frequently.
    • Brakes Fluid: We recommend DOT 3 Brake Fluid. DO NOT USE DOT 5.
    • Manual Transmission Oils: Replace with 80w90 weight oil.
    • Autostick Transmission Oils: 3 Quarts SAE 90 Gear Oil at Transmission, & 5.25 Quarts ATF Type A (Dexron III) Oil at Torque Converter & Oil Tank.

Exterior & Rubber Seals

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Steering & Suspension Tech Tips

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