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5x205 VW Wheels

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5x205 VW Wheels

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5x205 VW Wheels

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The bolt pattern is the key identifier for finding the proper fitment for putting new stock-style wheels, or aftermarket wheels on your Classic Volkswagen. The term "bolt pattern", also known as "lug pattern" refers to a 2 number system expressed with a "By" separating both values.  

The first value is how many bolt holes are in a wheel. When dealing with classic VW's, we generally only have 4 lug and 5 lug options.   Modern cars & trucks may have more bolt holes, and there are also "dual-drill" patterns but neither of these are applicable for classic VW's. The second value is the spacing between bolt hole centers on an imaginary circle.

It's pretty easy to get an accurate estimate on even numbered lug wheels where the holes are directly across from each other. For even numbered lug patterns we measure from hole center to opposite hole center. However, on odd numbered lug wheels if you try to measure directly across from your starting hole you won't have a hole center to reference. So how do we measure?
VW Wheel Lug Patterns
For odd numbered lug patterns we measure from the backside of a hole to the center of a hole on the opposite side.   You can see in the animation below that it's pretty similar to measuring straight across if we could see the imaginary circle. Measuring odd numbered lug patterns this way usually gives us a diameter that's close enough without using complex geometric equations or purchasing a bolt pattern gauge.

VW Wheel Lug Patterns

We can not measure directly across from center to center. If we were able to swing the
diameter of our cicle out we would find it's roughly the same length as if we measured
from the center of the first hole to the back of the second hole on the opposite side.

Now we have some useful information to identify wheel bolt patterns! Let's pretend we found an old VW wheel in our garage. It has 5 bolt holes, and the spacing is 112mm (remember for odd bolt patterns we measure from back to center). We can confidently say this is a 5X112 wheel, which was found on late model Type 2's.

The chart below indicates which wheel type your VW originally came with. It is important to always double check your wheel pattern before ordering new wheels. There is always a possibility that a previous owner swapped bolt patterns when installing disc brakes, a new front end, or wheel spindles. We can only provide information considered original specs and cannot account for discrepancies.  

5 Lug ( 5x205 )
Wide 5
4 Lug ( 4x130 ) 5 Lug Bus
( 5x112 )
Narrow 5
5 Lug Porsche
( 5x130 )
VW Standard Beetle 1954-1967 5 Lug ( 5x205 ) 1968-1977 4 Lug ( 4x130 )
VW Super Beetle 1971-1979 4 Lug ( 4x130 )
VW Karmann Ghia 1956-1966 5 Lug ( 5x205 ) 1967-1974 4 Lug ( 4x130 )
VW Bus /Type 2 1955-1971 (w/ drum front) 5 Lug ( 5x205 ) 1971(w/ discs front)-1979 5 Lug Bus ( 5x112 )
VW Type 3 1964-1965 5 Lug ( 5x205 ) 1966-1973 4 Lug ( 4x130 )
VW Thing 1973-1974 5 Lug ( 5x205 )

The "Wide Five" 5 X 205 factory bolt pattern:

The "Wide Five" wheel was found on all early air cooled VW's destined for the US market. It's easily identified because it's the only 5 lug wheel, where the center hole is wide enough to fit your foot through the wheel. There are 2 style hubcaps used on stock 5x205 wheels. The hubcaps are either attached via riveted clips on the wheel, or inner facing nubs built into the wheel design.

This bolt pattern came stock on the following VWs:
• VW Beetle 1954-1967
• VW Karmann Ghia's 1954-1966
• Early VW Bus 1955-1971
• VW Type 3 1964-1965
• VW Things

Measure from back of one hole across pattern to center of second hole.
5x205 Bolt Pattern

The 4 x 130 factory bolt pattern:

Another wheel that is easy to identify, this is the only 4 Lug bolt pattern used on classic VW's. It is the bolt pattern used on all late-model air cooled VW's with the exception of the Type-2 5x112 wheel. There is only 1 style of hubcap used with stock 4x130 wheels. The hubcaps attach to outer facing nubs which are built into the wheel design.

This bolt pattern came stock on the following VWs:
• VW Beetles 1968-1977
• VW Super Beetle 1971-1979
• VW Karmann Ghia's 1967-1974
• VW Type 3 1966-1973

Measure from center of 2 holes directly across from each other.
4x130 Bolt Pattern

The 5 x 112 factory bolt pattern:

This is the wheel that get's mixed up most often since customers sometimes order "5-Lug Wheels" without specifying if it's the 5X205 or 5X112 bolt pattern.

This bolt pattern came stock on the following VWs:
• VW Type 2 Bus/Transporters 1971-1979 with disc brake fronts

Measure from back of one hole across pattern to center of second hole.
5x112 Bolt Pattern

Aftermarket wheels made in Porsche 5 x 130 bolt pattern:

This is a popular bolt pattern for people who want something a little more custom than standard VW wheels. Since VW & Porsche are siblings, 5x130 wheels are a good match with the proper modifications. First introduced by Porsche on the 356C and 911 in 1964, there are many aftermarket wheels made in Porsche 5 x 130 bolt pattern. Most often a 5x130 disc brake kit, 5x130 wheel adapters, or brake drums with the 5x130 lug pattern will be needed.

•This bolt pattern did not come stock on any VWs.

Measure from the back of one hole across the pattern to the center of the second hole.
5x130 Bolt Pattern