Our Classic VW Projects

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A Labor of Love

Vintage (and occasionally not so vintage) VWs are a part of our life. We live the hobby, and when we aren’t helping our customers with their VWs, we’re working on and enjoying ours! Whether we’re attending a local car show, cruise night, taking a weekend drive, camping, or wrenching on our cars with friends, we enjoy the lifestyle and comradery that comes along with owning a VW.

Yeah classic VW's are not perfect. They are slow, break down, and are notorious for catching engine fires. However we are imperfect people, and these imperfect classics suit us well. We understand life is about the journey, and we are cruising that journey in a classic VW.

This page is an album of sorts from our staff and showcases some of the past and present VW projects and memories that we want to share. Hopefully browsing through the pictures will motivate you on your project or spark an old memory of a past project you had. Either way, enjoy!

JBugs VW Projects

We know our Cars

JBugs VW Projects

If you haven't noticed in our videos, we actually restore and work on our own cars. We freaking love classic VW's! We all have different reasons, but share the same common interest. Many on our staff grew up around classic VW's, or grew up wrenching on VW based sand rails & baja bugs.

We are not just salesmen trying to push a sale on you. We definitely are not afraid of getting our hands dirty or putting elbow grease into a project. We look at classic VW's and see value in their personality and potential. We believe patina is just as beautiful as a resto-quality paint job, and that it doesn't matter if your car is stock height or slammed, as long as you drive it.


VW Lifestyle

Customer Cars

We are proud to showcase some of our customers projects from over the years. Check them out here.

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We feature many of the VW Car Shows we attend in our Blog. View pictures & event details here.

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