What are German and Brazilian Door Seals.

One of the questions we hear every day is "What is the difference between German and Brazilian Seals?" Customers ask if German seals are made for German made cars and Brazilian Seals are made for Brazilian cars. We hope to clear up some of this confusion. Both seals were made for German cars destined for the US market. The difference is country where manufactured and quality.

VW German Rubber Seals are made to last! They feature a lifetime warranty** because we are confident they will continue to last decades later. German rubber seals are guaranteed to fit because they are made from the original VW factory molds. These door seals were designed for your doors.

German seals appear grey when brand new. They are in fact Black rubber that has been coated in white talc powder so they release from the extrusion mold in production. As the talc wears off with use, your German Door Seals will turn black. We recommend German Seals for show-quality restorations, or if you intend to keep a car in the family for future generations.

Brazilian Made Doors Seals.

VW Brazilian Rubber Seals could be considered "Economy Seals". They work just like German seal, but are considered a lesser quality. It's easy to compare the difference between German and Brazilian seals. Brazilian seals are black foam. They will appear black from day 1. Brazilian seals also feel more brittle, and tend to crack/rot sooner.

Why Offer Both Seals?

At this point customers point out "why do you carry Brazilian seals if they are not OE quality?" . The difference is quality & price. Brazilian seals are cost effective. Many restorations are pulled on a tight budget. Not every restoration is a ground-up show quality job. Make no mistakes, Brazilian seals work, they just are not top-quality. We recommend Brazilian Seals for Daily Drivers and Budget Restorations.

Sometimes VW German Door Seals have been discontinued and Brazilians are the only option. Not all Original German Seals are available today.

German vs. Brazilian Door Seals 1
German vs. Brazilian Door Seals 1.
German vs. Brazilian Door Seals 2
German vs. Brazilian Door Seals 2
German vs. Brazilian Door Seals 3
German vs. Brazilian Door Seals 3

The main difference is not visual so much as it's the quality of the material. German seals feel like rubber. Brazilian seals feel like foam.

**Limited Lifetime warranty is not transferable. Original purchaser only.