JBugs Video Series

1971 VW Super Beetle - Door Panels Installation:

Video Overview:

We’re quickly covering up all the non-visible areas on the inside of our 1971 Super Beetle Restoration project. In this video we’re going to install the rear quarter panels and the front door panels. We’ll be showing the process of install a rear ashtray in the rear quarter panel, and we’ll show you how to make a “vapor” barrier to keep the backside of your door panels from getting wet. Follow along as we continue rebuilding our classic VW Interior!

Video Tips:

Tools used in this video:
Trim Tool
Rubber Mallet
Phillips Screwdriver
Razor Blade
Flat Blade Screwdriver
Masking Tape
Latex / Nitrile Gloves
Pocket Knife
13mm Wrench

Additional Parts:
Plastic Sheet