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Camber Compensator Installation:

Video Overview:

A camber compensator is a great upgrade for VW swing axle transmissions and installation is quick and simple. Follow along as our VW Tech shows you how to install the compensator and make your swing axle equipped VW handle much more predictably.

Video Tips:

The tools you will need are:

Wheel Chocks
Jack Stands
13mm Wrench
14mm Wrench
3/8" Drive Ratchet
13mm Socket
14mm Socket

Video Transcript:

Hello, Sam here with JBugs.com.  VW swing axle transmissions are a simple and durable design. They do the job of getting the engine power to the ground, with a minimal amount of parts. The design does have some drawbacks a major one being the drastic camber changes that occur under normal driving conditions such as hard cornering. EMPI's camber compensator limits some of the camber change acting as a sway bar to help keep the rear tires more flat around corners.

The installation is quite simple and starts with the front wheels chocked so the rear end of the car can be jacked up and set on jack stands under the torsion housing. The lower two nuts on either side of the transmission side covers are removed so the camber compensator bracket can be set in place.

A jack and a block of wood are used to hold the bracket against the transmission. The included washers are installed over the studs followed by the original nuts. The jack and block are used at all four points to ensure the bracket is firmly in place.

At the bench, the compensator is prepped for installation by installing the axle tube pads at either side. The center pivot sleeve is lubed and pushed into the center bushing. The bushing is set into the center bracket and the bracket is bolted to the compensator with the included hardware.

Back underneath the car, the compensator is jacked up to the transmission with either side pad in place underneath the axle tubes. It's jacked up into place onto the transmission bracket, then the bolt is slid through the bracket and compensator. The jack is lowered down and the bolt is slid through the other side of the bracket. A washer and nut finish the installation and the car can be lowered back down to the ground.

The EMPI camber compensator makes driving a swing axle VW much more enjoyable, taking out some of the inherent wavering and wandering. The installation is simple and well worth the effort. If you find yourself wondering online, point your way to JBugs.com and find your way through thousands of parts for your vintage Volkswagen.