JBugs Video Series

1971 VW Super Beetle - Trunk Wrap Up - Part 1:

Video Overview:

Now that most of the interior on our 1971 Super Beetle is complete, we can move our attention forward to the trunk. We’ll install the glove box along with the hood release lever, cable and catch. We’ll also install a new fuel tank, along with the fuel filler neck, vent lines, hoses, sending unit and the fuel door on the body. Follow along as our tech starts getting all the parts in the trunk in our reassembled.

Video Tips:

Tools used in this video:
Pop-Rivet Tool
Needle Nose Pliers
Philips Screwdriver
Side Cutters
Nut Driver
Razor Knife
Small Flat Blade Screwdriver
1/8” Drill Bit
Flat Blade Screwdriver
¼” Ratchet with 10mm Socket

Other Parts Used:
1/8” Rivets
Carburetor Cleaner

Video Transcript:

Intro: 0:00
Glove box modification: 0:21
Glove box installation: 0:31
Fuel tank notes: 2:03
Fuel tank hoses installation: 2:53
Fuel tank filler neck installation: 3:40
Fuel filler door installation: 5:10
Fuel tank sending unit installation: 6:00
Hood release cable installation: 7:10
Hood latch catch installation: 7:47