JBugs Video Series

Sunvisor & Visor Clip Installation:

Video Overview:

A very simple installation that can make a big difference for your VW Interior. Especially if your sunvisors are flopping around as you drive. Follow along with one of our techs as he shows you how to install new sunvisors in your VW.

Video Tips:

Removing the old Sunvisors & Clips:

Removing the Sunvisor Clips
At the Visor Clips:
With a suitable screwdriver (most commonly a Phillips head) remove each screw holding the clip in place. Then twist the clip 90 degrees (left or right, it doesn't matter) and remove the clips.

Removing the Inner Sunvisor Screw Removing the Outer Sunvisor Screw Removing the Sunvisors
At the Visor Hinge:
With a suitable screwdriver (most commonly a Phillips head) remove the 2 screws (per visor) at the outside mount and remove the visors.

Installing the New Sunvisors & Clips:

Left and Right Sunvisor Clips
Installing the Sunvisor Clips:
Make sure you have the correct clip for the side you are installing.

Installing Visor Clip at 90 Degrees
With the clip aligned vertically press it in place and then rotate it
90 degrees until the screw hole is aligned.

Installing Sunvisor Screws
Install the screw and repeat for the opposite side.

Left and Right Sunvisors
Installing the Sunvisors:

Make sure you have identified the left and right visors.

The left visor will have a shorter notch at the bottom edge
(when folded down) for the rear view mirror.

The right visor has the longer notch.

Installing Sunvisors Installing Sunvisor Screws
Insert the mounting post into place
and install the two screws to hold the visor.

Twisting the sunvisor away from the mount
This is the most overlooked and crucial step!
Rotate the visor into place to line up with the clip and twist the visor away from the mount until it the plastic post lines up in the clip. Repeat for the opposite side and go enjoy a sunset drive without the sun in your eyes!