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1970 VW Karmann Ghia - Interior Teardown:

Video Overview:

We kick off our newest series of videos with the teardown of this 1970 VW Karmann Ghia so we can install a new interior. Starting with the door molding and quarter windows, and finishing with the headliner. We’ll remove all the pieces and components needed to get this VW ready for a new interior. Thanks for watching, we’re glad to be back!

Intro: 0:00
Window molding removal: 0:25
Quarter window removal: 0:58
Front seat removal: 1:27
Door panel removal: 1:38
Carpet removal: 1:56
Rear seat removal: 2:00
Front heater vent removal: 2:14
Rear heater vent removal: 2:42
Rear window glass removal: 2:56
Front windshield glass removal: 3:22
Headliner Removal: 3:35

Video Transcript:

Hi I'm Sam, Jaime, we're gonna tear apart this car because magazines. So not really planned, not really what we normally would do but, we've got it so we're gonna take the opportunity we're gonna go over pulling apart literally everything out of the interior of this car so we can put a different interior in it uh follow along Window molding removal This 1970 Karmann Ghia project with VW trends, that didn't quite go as planned, begins with removing the side top seals that run along the roof and the a-pillars. So, we can unthread the numerous screws that hold the aluminum base molding to the body. We'll take a moment to say here, like with all projects, make sure to keep all the original hardware until after the project is completed. Oh and make sure to click the like and subscribe button as well. The molding is pried away from the roof. And we note that it was installed with a little weather strip adhesive but no rubber seal. The quarter window latches, at the rear the window, are unscrewed from the body. Quarter window removal Then the screws for the b-pillars are removed. One at the top and the three at the bottom. So the quarter windows and the seals can be removed from the aluminum molding. The screws for the upper portion of the molding are unthreaded. The trim is pried away and peeled back from the Rubber seal. Which leaves the edges of the headliner exposed so it can be removed later. For now though, we'll remove the rear parcel shelf cover. Front seat removal While the seals and trim are being removed, we also removed the aftermarket front seats. Unbolting them from their various mounting points and getting them out of the way. Next, the window cranks and door release lever covers were removed. Door panel removal So the door panels can be popped off and removed as well. Inside the car, some decorative screws at the rear the quarter panels are unthreaded. So the rear quarter panels can be removed. Carpet removal Then, behind the seat, we start removing the old carpeting. Rear seat removal The rear seat backrest screws are unthreaded, so the backrest can be removed. The rear seat bottom follows and we continue removing the old carpet pieces. At the front edge of the door sill, the heater vent is unscrewed and pulled out of the heater channel. Front heater vent removal The flap is pulled back so we can access the control cable and it has popped off so we can remove the vent. The seat belt retractable mechanisms unbolted along with the upper pivot mount. And the screws for the door sills are unthreaded so the door sills can be removed. Along with some more loose pieces of carpet. Rear heater vent removal The rear heater vent covers are removed from the rear kick plate. The seat belt buckles are removed from the tunnel. And the parking brake boot is removed as well followed by the remaining pieces of carpet. Next, we'll get to work on removing the rear window glass. Rear window glass removal Using a razor blade to cut along the seal, along the inside edge of the window. Once most of the seal at the top and sides are cut away, the glass is pushed out and set aside. At the front of the car, the sun visors, visors clips, and rear view mirror are removed. We'll note here to make sure to disconnect the battery or remove the fuse for the dome light to avoid shorting out the wires. Front windshield glass removal We cut out the windshield using the same method as we used for the rear window. Once it's out, we unscrew and remove the dash vent grilles. The later model, retrofitted dash pad is popped off. Headliner Removal We begin to peel and pull off the headliner material form the a-pillars, along each side, and down the c-pillars. Finally, we can pull out the headliner bows from the roof channels. For safekeeping, and so that we keep the bows in order, we leave them in the headliner. Until our next video where we'll start off where we finished and install a new headliner. Until then, Thanks for watching and let us know if you have any questions in the comments below.