Cal Look or American Look - What's the difference?

American vs Cal-Look Window Rubber

We offer both Cal-look and American Style window seals. Cal-look seals (also referred to as Standard) do NOT have a groove in the seal to accept the Chrome Molding around the windshield, rear window and quarter windows.

American Style seals (also referred to as Deluxe) INCLUDES a groove in the rubber to accept the chrome molding around the windows. Our German-made American Style window seals include the original form molded corners to make it easier to install and keep German originality.

Deluxe "American Look" Rubber

The Deluxe or commonly referred to as "American Look" is rubber that has a groove that accepts the aluminum trim as seen in the 1967 Beetle to the right. Notice the silver line around the left rear quarter window and the rear window? That's the "American Look" Trim. It can only be installed into the Deluxe or American Look Seals.

American style seals are more difficult to install as once the rubber is set on the glass you then have to press the chrome into place all the way around the seal. This involves pulling back the seal with one thumb and pressing the trim in with the other.

Once the trim is installed the glass with the seal and trim is ready to be installed in the car.

American Look VW Window Seal

Standard "Cal-Look" Rubber

Most European made VW models did not come with the "fancy" chrome trim and decorative pieces that US models came with. The European model VWs were referred to as Standard Models. When the "Cal-Look" VW scene took off in the 1960s VW owners soon began to strip down their cars of the heavy and overly flashy chrome. They started using the less decorative "Standard" model seals which didn't use the chrome.

That is where the term "Cal-Look" came into use. The California Look, Cal-Look or Standard seal fits, seals and installs exactly the same as the Deluxe seal, it just doesn't have the groove for the aluminum insert trim.

The 1969 Beetle at the left has a Standard Rear Window seal. It does not have the aluminum insert trim, it is just a smooth, black rubber seal.

Cal Look VW Window Seal

German Made VW Window Seal

German Made, Molded Window Rubber

For a restoration that is as close as possible to factory, only one option will do. We offer German made rubber from the original manufacturer for Volkswagen of Germany for 1958-1977 Beetles, 1965-1972 Convertible Beetles and 1968-1979 VW Buses.

The German window rubber seals are molded to the correct size and shape for the specific window opening (windshield, left quarter window, etc).

US Made VW Window Seal

American Made, Extruded Window Rubber

The majority of our window rubber seals are made in the USA. We have worked with various manufacturers and suppliers to obtain the best seals possible for your VW restoration.

Extruded seals are made by pressing the rubber through a linear mold. This makes one continuous length of rubber. The rubber is then cut to length and sealed together to the correct circumference of the glass.

JBugs Window Seal Lifetime Guarantee

JBugs Window Seal Lifetime Guarantee

All our window rubber seals are Lifetime Guaranteed. (Applicable for original purchaser only.) We install and test fit our rubber seals in our own cars to make sure you are getting the best seal on the market. When you buy your seals from JBugs you can rest assured you'll never have to replace your windshield, rear window, quarter window or driver/passenger window seals for as long as you own the vehicle.