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Speedometer Cable Installation:

Video Overview:

Making sure you can monitor your speed and more importantly your mileage so you can keep your VW's engine running well. Installing a new speedometer cable is a simple job that can be done in a few minutes.

Video Transcript:

For this quick tip we're going to show you how to install a new speedometer cable. It's a simple job that shouldn't take more than five minutes.


With the hood open, we first install a new speedometer cable to body seal. It installs with a flat side in towards the trunk and the nipple pointing toward the front of the car into the inner fender well.


Slide the speedometer cable in place through the body seal and leave enough cable to reach the speedometer. Attach the cable to the speedometer by inserting the square drive in place and then screwing the plastic nut to hold the cable to the speedometer.


Pull off the left front hubcaps and use a pry tool to pop the grease cap off of the drum. Then turn the steering wheel all the way to the right so you can access the inner left fender well and the back side of the left spindle.


On the back of the spindle you'll see a roughly 3/8 of an inch hole in between the two ball joints ends on the spindle. This is the hole that the speedometer cable will eventually pass through and we're going to press the new speedometer cable through the speedometer cable to drum seal in place.


Then position the speedometer cable on the inner fender well through the fold over tabs and bend the tabs in place to hold the cable to the fender well. Then guide the cable towards the spindle and slide it through the cable sleeve. Sometimes a little dab of grease will help the cable slide through easily.


On the opposite side of the drum you should now see the cable sticking out of the center of the spindle. Guide the end of the cable through the square hole in the grease cap and snap the speedometer cable circlip into the groove to hold it in place.


Push the grease cap back in place onto the drum and use a mallet to tap it firmly in place. Snap your hubcap back on and the job is complete.