All Volkswagens built in 1966 or earlier were originally made with a 6 Volt Generator. Many of those have since been converted to a 12 Volt Generator or an Alternator. We do offer 6 Volt Generators for the early Volkswagen Beetle, Karmann Ghia and Bus. If you would like to convert to an Alternator, you can purchase a VW Alternator Conversion Kit here.

Generator conversion Wiring Diagram Alternator conversion Wiring Diagram

VW Alternator / Generator Stands and Straps

VW Alternator / Generator Stands and Straps..
VW Alternator / Generator Stands and Straps.

VW Alternator / Generator Stands support your alternator or generator as well as provide a location to fill your oil. Oil fillers are sold separately, and available in multiple styles to fit your car.

1 deflector plate and 2 stand gaskets will be needed for installation. Both gaskets to be installed, one on top of deflector plate, one below. You will notice 3 louvered "scoops" on the deflector plate. These scoops should dip down in to the opening, and the openings should open towards the passenger side of the engine block. This will help "deflect" engine oil back in to the engine case rather than help it exit.