Getting the correct wiring is essential for all your Electrical Parts. This guide includes the information you will need to install emergency flasher relays and back up light switches.

VW Flasher Switches and Relays.

211941521 Back Up Light Switch:

VW Bug/Super 1967-79
VW Ghia 1967-74
VW Bus 1967-79
VW Type 3 1966-74
VW Thing 1973-74

The reverse light switch is located at the front of the transmission, on the top, right hand side of the nose cone. The switch is a simple open/close switch so it doesn't matter which side has power and which side is the output.

The reverse light switch is powered by the coil. MAKE CERTAIN TO RUN AN INLINE FUSE FROM THE COIL TO THE REVERSE LIGHT SWITCH. The coil circuit is not fused from the factory so any short can be very destructive!
211941521 Back Up Light Switch.
211941521 Back Up Light Switch.
VW Factory Color Coding:

211953235A Emergency Flasher Switch:

VW Beetle 1968-1973
VW Ghia 1968-1974
VW Type 3 1968-1972
VW Thing 1973-1974

The VW Emergency Flasher Switch wiring is one of the more intricate on the VW. Take the installation wire by wire. The designations for the wires are:

30 - Main Battery Power from the Fuse Box
15 - Ignition Power from the Fuse Box
+ or 49 - Power to the Turn Signal Relay
49a - Power from the Turn Signal Relay
L - Power to the Left Turn Signal
R - Power to the Right Turn Signal
58b - not used
211953235A Emergency Flasher Switch.
211953235A Emergency Flasher Switch.
VW Factory Color Coding:
30 - Red
15 - Black
+ or 49 - White
49a - Blue
L - Black with White Stripe
R - Black with Green Stripe