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1968-69 Beetle Wiring Harness Installation - Part 2:

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Now that the old electrical wiring has been removed and the new main harness has been installed, we complete the wiring at the rear of the car. Follow along as we walk you through how to install the rear light wiring and the transmission harnesses of the complete wiring harness kit for the 1968 and 1969 VW Beetles.

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Part 2 - A Comprehensive Guide to VW Beetle Wiring Harness Installation


Welcome to the next chapter of our 1969 VW Beetle rewiring journey! In this segment, we're delving into the installation of tail light, license light, and reverse light harnesses, along with the starter wire and positive battery cable. Let's get hands-on and bring your Beetle's wiring to life!

Tools Needed:

-13mm Wrench
-Wire Stripping Pliers
-Wire Crimps
-Small Flat Blade Screwdriver
-Jack Stands

Step 1: Taillights

1. Prepare for Action: With the main wiring harness in place, focus shifts to the taillights. Unscrew the lenses and bulb holders, disconnecting wires.

Rear Wiring Pic 1

2. Grommet Placement: Pull wiring from the engine compartment, install new grommets, and thread the new taillight harnesses.

Rear Wiring Pic 2

3. Wire Connection: Follow the color-coded guide:

  • Brown (ground) wires to taillight bulb holder and lower left/right engine compartment tabs.
    Rear Wiring Pic 3 Rear Wiring Pic 4

  • Black (turn signal) wires to top bulb tabs, connecting to the black/white wire on the left side and the black/green wire on the right side .
    Rear Wiring Pic 5 Rear Wiring Pic 6 Rear Wiring Pic 7

  • Red (brake light) wires to top terminals on middle bulbs and connect to the black/red wires.
    Rear Wiring Pic 8 Rear Wiring Pic 9

  • White (running light) wires to bottom terminals on middle bulbs, connecting on the left side to the white/black wire. On the right side connect to the white/red wire with a T connector.
    Rear Wiring Pic 10 Rear Wiring Pic 11

  • Blue (reverse light) wires to bottom bulb tabs, to be connected later.

Step 2: License Light Harness

1. Routing the Wire: Connect the white-red wire to the shrouded T connector on the right side. Thread it behind the fan shroud, up the back firewall, and towards the deck lid.

Rear Wiring Pic 12 Rear Wiring Pic 13

2. Deck Lid Maneuvers: Loop the wire through factory tabs, securing it behind the license light assembly. Thread it through the assembly seal, connecting to the license light bulb.

Rear Wiring Pic 14 Rear Wiring Pic 15 Rear Wiring Pic 16

3. Final Checks:Ensure proper slack by opening and closing the deck lid. Test for interference with engine components.

Step 3: Reverse Light Wiring

1. Sheathed Harness with Two Wires: Thread through the lower right side of the engine compartment behind the fan shroud. Pull the two wires past the starter and to the front of the transmission. Above the transmission mount, on the upper right side of the transmission nose cone, plug the two wires onto the two terminals on the switch. In the engine compartment, connect one of the wires to an inline fuse. Connect the other end of the inline fuse holder to the black sheath wire and run that wire on the front side of the fan shroud and connect it to the positive side of the coil.

Rear Wiring Pic 17 Rear Wiring Pic 18

2. Three-Terminal Wire: Connect one end to the left side taillight harness, the middle terminal to the transmission harness, and the other end to the right side taillight harness.

Step 4: Starter Wire

1. Starter Wire Connection: The starter wire is a thick red wire in a black sheath. It connects to the shrouded wire connector inside the car, under the rear seat on the driver's side to the thick red wire coming from the main harness. The wire is routed up to the back side of the floor pan, through a grommet and underneath the car. Underneath the car, pull the starter wire through from the driver's side under the transmission. Unplug the old starter wire and plug the new wire onto the starter, on the number 50 terminal.

Rear Wiring Pic 19 Rear Wiring Pic 20

2. Final Touch: Jack up the rear, remove stands, and lower the car. Your Beetle's rear is now completely rewired!

Stay tuned for our upcoming videos, where we'll tackle the front wiring intricacies. For all your vintage Volkswagen parts and accessories, visit JBugs.com – your trusted partner in VW restoration. Let's keep the Beetle spirit alive!

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