Ball Joint Front End for 1966-1968.5 Type 1

Disclaimer: Stock 1966-1968.5 (Thru Chassis # 118857239) front ends used 10mm shaft tie rods. However, if the vehicle is an autostick model, has aftermarket spindles or drop spindles, or has front disc brakes then you will need to use 12mm shaft tie rods. Everything else should be the same, only the tie rod shaft diameters will vary.

You can view the 1968.5-1977 diagram with 12mm tie rods HERE.

Ball Joint front ends were originally found on VW Beetles from 1966 through 1977 (does not include Super Beetles). Always check part description to make sure it is compatible with your vehicle.
• 1966-1968.5 (Thru Chassis # 118857239) ball joints have 10mm shafts.
• 1968.5 - 1977(From Chassis #118857240) ball joints have 12mm shafts.