VW Beetle Backing Plates

1955-57 VW Beetle Backing Plate

1955-57 VW Beetle Backing Plates

1958-64 VW Beetle Backing Plate

1958-64 VW Beetle Backing Plates

1965-67 VW Beetle Backing Plate

1965-67 VW Beetle Backing Plates

1968-77 VW Beetle Backing Plate

1968-77 VW Beetle Backing Plates

1971-79 Super Beetle Backing Plate

1971-79 Super Beetle Backing Plates

Find the correct backing plates for your VW Brakes. Front Backing Plates are different than Rear Backing Plates. Early beetle front backing plates also have different left & right sides, while 1958-on front backing plates are interchangeable between left & right sides. Wheel cylinder positions change between years, and position on the vehicle (front or back). Super Beetles are the only beetles with 4 mounting holes on front backing plates. Super Beetles also share the same rear end as standard beetles, so the rear backing plates will be the same between both cars.