Our JBugs VW Techs have mapped out the front & rear brake hub system on your 1965-1966 VW Beetle. The diagram includes brake cylinders, brake shoes, brake hardware, and most parts available to upgrade and maintain your brake system. Clicking on the dots will take you straight to the correct products needed for your VW Brakes.

Note: The only difference between 1965 & 1966 VW Beetle brake systems are the front brake drums. 1965 has Link Pin. 1966 has Ball Joint. Everything else remains the same.

Parts in Diagram

Front brake shoes for this year will measure 230mm X 40mm, while the rear brake shoes are 230mm X 30mm. The front brake shoes are slightly wider to provide more stopping power at the front where your vehicle needs it. Aside from the shoe widths, the rear brake shoes are easily identifiable by the rectangular notch cut in to accept the parking brake lever. Brake shoes also have an angled edge where the shoes make contact with the adjusting nuts.

704-269 VW Beetle Brake Shoes
704-270 VW Beetle Brake Shoes