VW Chrome Bumper Maintenance.

Chrome Products in the Past

The saying "They don't make 'em like they used to" falls true for many things today, and chrome plated body parts are no exception.

Chrome products made today don't go through the same preparation and plating procedures they did 50 years ago. Many of the good budget metal prep chemicals contained cyanide and mercury and have been outlawed for environmental reasons.

For this reason, proper maintenance is crucial for keeping your chrome pieces lasting as long as possible.

Triple Chrome vs. Single Chrome

The main differences between triple chrome plated vs. single chrome plated VW bumpers is quality and price. There are three layers of metal plating for the triple chrome. The first layer is copper, nickel, or steel. The second layer is nickel, and the third layer is chrome. For single chrome plating, the only layer added is chrome. These bumpers are economy bumpers. They are NOT restoration quality. The chrome quality is not up to our personal standards, but we offer them as an alternative to pricey triple chrome. Use these bumpers for temporary use only.

How to Maintain your Chrome Bumper

To ensure long life for ANY chrome items you have purchased, we recommend:

Step 1

Painting the back sides if possible. We typically use a satin black paint to paint the backsides of the bumpers, hubcaps, etc.

Step 2

Waxing the chrome. Use a CHROME specific polish.

Step 3

Keep the chrome clean and DRY if at all possible.

Step 4

WAX the chrome once a month.

We use the steps on our own vehicles and have been running the same chrome pieces for years. We are in Oceanside, California and as the name implies, are right on the coast. Our salty air can destroy even the BEST chrome in weeks. We've seen it happen. Prepping and maintaining the chrome will help your new parts last for years.


When removing dirt and grime from chrome, make sure to NOT use steel wire brushes or steel wool. Since steel is stronger than chrome, then the chrome will scratch.

Triple Chrome vs. Unkept, Rusted Chrome
Triple Chrome vs. Unkept, Rusted Chrome.

Here is a comparison between Triple Chrome Beetle front bumper vs. an unkept, chrome bumper. With proper maintenance, the chrome can last for years.

VW Car Wash
Make sure to wax the chrome bumper!

When washing your car, follow the steps on the left to properly maintain your bumper.