Be sure to get the correct engine parts for your classic VW with this engine size calculator.

If you're looking to find what deck height you would need for a 1776cc engine and you want the compression ratio to be 8:1, and you know your cylinder heads have a combustion chamber volume of 58cc, enter the following numbers into the appropriate box: Cylinder Bore= 90.5 mm, Crankshaft Stroke= 69 mm, Combustion Chamber volume in CCs= 58 and the compression ratio you want= 8.

Then click on the Deck Height button below and the deck height you would want will be calculated - 0.033". You'll then know where you can set your deck height to achieve your desired compression ratio.

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Note: VW would round engines up to the nearest 100cc. Example: 1192cc 36hp Engine would be refered to as a 1200cc engine.

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