JBugs Video Series

1971 VW Super Beetle - Front Seat Installation:

Video Overview:

We are now finishing up our VW Interior restoration. We’ve got the rear seat of our 1971 Super Beetle back in place, now we just need to get some front seats in. The stock front seats were reusable but we wanted something a little more modern so we special ordered up a set of TMI Pro Series seats to match our rear upholstery. Getting the seats in isn’t exactly a bolt in affair, but we do manage to get them in with some additional hardware and tweaking, literally. As the seats are so expensive, and aren’t quite “bolt in”, we don’t feel comfortable offering them, but TMI does sell them directly if you have to have a set for your car. We finish up by installing an EMPI Billet Plus Shifter to coordinate with some of our other EMPI interior accessories, fortunately, it’s a much simpler install.

Video Tips:

Tools used in this video:
Drill with 5/16” Bit
Various Allen Wrenches
13mm Wrench & Ratchet
2 Large Crescent Wrenches
Philips Screwdriver
Razor Blade

Video Transcript:

Intro: 0:00 Front seat frame installation: 0:11 Front seat sliders installation: 2:10 Seat bracket notes: 3:38 Backrest adjustment cover installation: 4:12 Front seat installation: 4:20 EMPI shifter installation: 4:56