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VW Beetle Door Handle Replacement:

VW Beetle Door Handle Replacement

Video Overview:

Locking, unlocking and opening the door on your Beetle can be difficult if your door handles are broken. Fortunately replacing the door handle on a Beetle is a quick and simple task. Follow along with our tech as he shows you how easy it is.

Video Transcript:

For a quick tip we're going to show you how to replace beetle door handle, really quite simple.


Phillips head screwdriver, pull back the door seal slightly, you'll see a screw right in the back hand side there's a couple notches here to line up with those. We loosen the screw, pull it out.


Come back to the door handle itself which is already slid forward slightly. Pull out the back hand side and the door handle comes out.


The new door handle install the seals pointy head forward, getting the lip pulled around the chrome edge on the front. The rear has an odd shape, with the more pointy end going towards the back. Set that in place over the top. Same thing making certain the door handle itself is inside the beveled edge.


To install matter of inserting the hooked end first. Then pulling the door handle back slightly. Holding the door handle in place with your hip works well. Come back into the door jam and tighten down the screw.


Tuck the door seal back in place and the new door handle is installed.