JBugs Video Series

1971 VW Super Beetle - Trunk Wrap Up - Part 2:

Video Overview:

We’re finishing up the trunk reassembly in our 1971 Super Beetle and by the end we’ll be able to shut the and lock the hood. Follow along as our Tech shows you how to hook up all the fresh air hoses, and fresh air box. We also install the hood seal, hinges, upper and lower trunk liners, and finally the largest piece of the car apart from the body, the hood itself! Then we’ll cap it off with a new hood emblem, and install the body matched hood handle, with new seals and a latch.

Video Tips:

Tools used in this video:
Razor Knife
1/8” Allen Wrench
¼” Ratchet with 7/16” Socket
13mm Wrench
Flat Blade Screwdriver
Philips Screwdriver
Side Cutters
Needle Nose Pliers
Trim Tool
¼” Deep Well Socket
Straight Edge
3/8” Ratchet with 13mm Socket
1/8” Drill Bit
Socket Driver with 10mm Socket

Other Parts Used:
Re-Useable Zip Ties
Masking Tape

Video Transcript:

Intro: 0:00
Defroster hoses installation: 0:34
Heater channel hoses installation: 0:44
Hood hinge installation: 1:44
Fresh air box installation: 2:10
Hood seal installation: 3:36
Upper trunk liner notes: 4:46
Upper trunk liner installation: 5:13
Lower trunk liner installation: 5:41
Hood installation: 5:58
Hood emblem installation: 6:24
Hood handle and pin installation: 6:42