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1600cc Engine Build Series - Part 1 - Short Block:

Video Overview:

We've had this video planned for and finally got to it, although based on the struggles Sam had while building this engine, perhaps we should have waited a bit longer! Either way, Sam got the engine built after a few mistakes during the build process. Follow along and watch the steps Sam takes, and the mistakes he makes while building this all new, EMPI Unassembled Long Block 1600cc engine.

EMPI's Stock 1600cc Engine Kit comes with everything you'll need to build your own Type 1, 2 or 3 VW long block. The engine kit includes a new aluminum Universal engine case, a 69mm 4140 Chromoly Crankshaft, forged stock connecting rods, a stock camshaft, dual port cylinder heads, chromoly pushrods, solid shaft 1.1:1 rockers with swivel ball adjusters, a 26mm Schadek Oil Pump, chromoly head studs, Mahle Rod Bearings, Silverline Main Bearings, Cam Bearings, a complete Elring Engine Gasket Kit (although ours was missing the sump plate cap nut sealing washers), 12 Volt Flywheel, valve covers and bales, and most all the hardware needed to assembly your new 1600cc VW long block engine.

A few extra pieces will be needed to complete the engine, such as flywheel shims (available in a kit here - https://www.jbugs.com/type-1-1300-160...) but you'll use only 3 pieces to set the crankshaft end play. Also, our engine gasket kit was missing the sump plate cap nut sealing washers, but that is not typical and Elrings mistake in packaging the gasket kit.

Intro: 0:00
Parts breakdown: 0:59
Word of advice: 03:35
Parts cleaning: 04:58
Initial crank end play check (with timing gear prep): 06:54
Timing gear installation: 10:19
Connecting rods installation: 13:48
Engine case prep: 17:36
Crankshaft installation: 23:33
Camshaft prep: 28:09
Camshaft installation: 28:28
Case half prep: 28:40
Case half installation: 31:05
Oil pump installation: 35:10
Oil sump plate installation: 36:53

Video Transcript:

hi I'm s jbugs.com and today we're going to get started on building an empty unassembled long 0:09 block so this unassembled long block comes in 1 two 3 four five boxes box one 0:16 of five two of five three of five four of five five of five it just so happens 0:21 that we got this kit back because it's a aluminum case and the case was actually damaged in shipping customer decided 0:28 they didn't want it I don't blame them it's a brand new engine they spent a whole lot of money on it 0:33 but as you can see here we've got this nice chip missing off of this case where it 0:40 was damaged so we brought it back sent them out a new kit and we're going to 0:46 take all these boxes open them all up set them all out here and go through all the parts and pieces and then we'll 0:54 start building this engine oh look at that there's the chunk that was missing Parts breakdown 0:59 and truth be told we also did some work on this test fitting some intake manifolds so it's not normally covered 1:05 in blue tape but it is normally all together they got some 1:13 Molly pistons and cylinders and I guess this is a 1:18 crankshaft and indeed a crankshaft it 1:28 is crankshaft installation kit one of the first couple things we're going to have 1:34 to do is heat this up heat this up so we can install them on our crank dishwashers lock ring 1:42 and distributor drive gear we've got some general Hardware new valve covers 1:50 Bales studs that's a big box for a little 1:55 screen we've got dowel pins distributor Drive 2:00 washers gland nut that should be over there cuz that goes in between those 2:06 guys oil pump cover glan nut washer cylinder deflect 2:15 tin distribute a drive pinion try to make a run for it sump 2:23 plate got some engine case Hardware some studs more studs Crush 2:36 washers uh hex head with/ qu mm 2:41 Drive uh oil relief Springs or oil relief plugs rather and 2:47 stuff like that we got some main bearing dowal pins some valve adjustment studs lifters 2:55 cam bearings flywheel seal rod bearings main bearing oil pump connecting rods 3:02 I'm guessing yep cam shaft is my 3:10 [Applause] guess cam shaft indeed and that looks 3:17 like a fly wheel indeed it is push rod tubes rocker assembly engine 3:25 gasket kit very handy when you're building an engine chali push rods and 3:30 cylinder heads all right so this might seem like Word of advice 3:36 it is a lot of parts and in reality it is but uh if you've built a Lego 3:42 set you can probably build an engine you've just got to follow a couple key 3:48 instructions this video is by no means going to be an end all be all you know watch this and you can do 3:55 anything video this is going to be just a general overview more for entertainment purposes but there will be 4:02 some education along the way you'll get to see how all this stuff goes together uh unlike the last engine build we did 4:09 where I had to do clearancing the case clearancing the rods setting up rocker geometry this is going to be a pretty 4:15 much straight bolted together kit there shouldn't be much modification um or anything fancy needed 4:22 this literally should be just bolted all together we might run into some pitfalls along the way and we're going to show 4:28 you everything that we go through through so you'll have an idea of what you would have to go through at home but 4:33 again this is something that anybody with you know some average mechanical 4:40 experience should be able to do relatively easy there's nothing fancy here there's no you know 4:48 machine work required there really aren't many specialty tools required it's just a simple bolted together kit 4:56 so let's get into that we're going to start by taking these these over to our Parts cleaning 5:01 solvent tank rinsing off some of the debris and we've got some either 5:08 dried up cosmoline or stuff in here but either way we're going to rinse all these things off so that we can go 5:16 through and get our Inplay preset we're going to verify it 5:24 later but for now we're going to bolt these together once they're clean 5:30 all right we're not going to show this step for every single product that we put together but just know that 5:36 virtually every single piece that we bolt on this engine is going to be 5:42 thoroughly cleaned dried main areas we're concerned about 5:49 are obviously the journals where the rods and the main bearings will sit and 5:56 then everything else is just getting it generally clean these cranks are drilled with what's 6:02 called a cross drilled P pattern so the oil pressure comes in and gets pushed everywhere and hit it some hearts 6:09 cleaner but she'll be good to go all right all right uh guess I'll 6:18 take these outside and hose them off all right we got ourselves a nice little uh 6:24 rinsing rinsing station over here apparently I'm go blow these out spray them 6:36 [Music] 6:52 down this step we are going Initial crank end play check (with timing gear prep) 6:58 to temper temporarily install our crank bearing to our 7:06 flywheel and check for endplay saddle bearings these will 7:12 eventually go right there snout bearing will go right there full circle bearing will 7:19 go right there most importantly and what we're setting now is our thrust bearing 7:24 which goes at the back and actually if you look at the surface just happens to 7:29 match up ever so nicely with that diameter right there and that's what we're going to work on right now and you 7:36 know what while we're doing this I might as well get our crank gear 7:42 warmed up this is kind of like planning three steps ahead so to speak this is 7:49 our cam timing gear it's got two notches here these face out but if we look at 7:56 this right now it can not fit onto the 8:03 snout it's got to be heated up same thing with our 8:09 brass distributor drive gear now this guy actually spins that guy with those heel 8:15 C gears same thing and there's no indicator on this but it can't fit on 8:21 either these both have to be warmed up this one goes on first that one goes on second so we're 8:27 going to put that one in bottom that one on top cover them with oil so 8:33 they warm up evenly and generally as soon as this oil 8:38 starts smoking that means that the gears are ready to 8:45 install so hopefully by the time I'm done doing all that those are ready to go and hopefully not sooner not that it 8:51 matters at this point but on all of our main bearing dowels they're always going to point towards the flywheel we'll get 8:57 some of my favorite assembly Lube contains zinc Molly that's the most important 9:07 [Music] part we're just going to tighten this 9:14 guy temporarily so that we can come through 9:21 here and measure how much play we have in that surface right 9:27 there what we want is that much 9:32 play but we need to have that rest that space taken up with 9:38 shims so that the crank doesn't move forward and N that's our end play on our crank 25 and 11 so what we need again is 9:48 4,000 so 25 and 11 gives us 9:55 36 right yeah so 25 and 10:02 11 2511 gives us 36 but we need to have 4,000 so we need to have 10:09 32,000 of shims when we build up our engine so we're going to remember that number 32,000 remember that people 32,000 all 10:18 right we'll get ready to install our gears lots of assembly Lube that main Timing gear installation 10:24 set that bearing or that dowel pin rather needs to be on the side of 10:33 of the flywheel now we need to 10:38 install our timing gear and if we're lucky that won't pop 10:44 out like it did last time but just like last time I'll have a hammer and punch 10:49 ready and I don't have gloves this time so this might be harder than it should 10:55 be woo 11:04 and I don't have gloves and same thing as last 11:13 time hopefully this thing doesn't heat up too much in the 11:23 meantime and dang it I may have screwed this P all left and 11:30 [Music] 11:36 right am I even close nope I'm not even close turn that off unplug 11:42 that we're going to have to do a redo on this but hopefully I have the gear 11:48 puller round two try two first time the gear wasn't hot enough and I 11:54 dropped it now I've got gloves so hopefully 12:00 [Music] you get back out of 12:05 here there we go boom and we've got our notches 12:22 up all right that guy just installs right around 12:27 that and our brass timing 12:32 gear there are no indicators on this thing it's helical so not a big 12:40 deal and just like that let's turn this guy off and unplug 12:48 him remove that and yeah you can see where I spilled and we made lots of 12:55 smoke smells like a state fair in here now though all right snap ring pliers are 13:02 next one of those fancy tools you're going to have to have I'm 13:09 sorry there we go now we've got to get over that 13:16 lip and down to the next section there we go that's one 13:25 side there we go 13:30 boom there we go got it ever so cautious because we don't want to damage the 13:37 brass down below and then that will sit right there after this 13:43 bearing but for now we're going to work on connecting rod connecting rod connecting Connecting rods installation 13:49 rods so let's do that now these guys aren't so filthy as these were so 13:57 I'm just going to hit these these with some brake 14:05 clean just because there is some packing oil in them really important thing to note on stock connecting 14:13 rods one side has a nub raised nub one side 14:20 doesn't this raised nub needs to face up so this one will sit here this one will 14:26 sit here but either case they're both going to be sitting up these two are 14:32 going to be facing this way these two are going to be facing that way so both those cylinders are out at the same time 14:38 while both these cylinders are down and they came with their own specific torque sequence even though it 14:44 doesn't match Volkswagens we're going to follow their 14:49 [Music] sequence now we're going to prep our connecting 14:56 rods and bearings 15:17 [Music] 15:27 keep these guys matched up they are paired 15:32 alike but they do have bearing tangs both those bearing tangs go on the same 15:41 side and like 15:46 so generous amounts of assembly [Music] 15:53 Lube coat all of our journals 16:00 while I'm at it we'll install 16:07 here make sure that your bearing tangs match 16:12 up face to face when you're installing the caps and I didn't check 16:20 that over on this guy but that one's good that one was bad so it's a good 16:26 thing that I checked and I reminded you all and I reminded myself at the same 16:37 [Music] 16:44 time all right everything moves 16:49 smoothly next torque sequence 25 ft lb that's 30 foot- 16:57 lb and everything moves freely Nubs up Nubs 17:04 up freely Nubs up Nubs 17:14 [Music] up that 17:26 yeah dishwasher facing up this we're going to give it a 17:32 full flush on in the parts cleaner in the hose with Engine case prep 17:37 carb cleaner then we'll mount it on our bench stand thing I think I'm going to put the case saers in 17:44 first and then wash it that way any threads or debris or otherwise that we 17:50 push out of the threads once we're pushing everything in all that stuff will be rinsed out once we rinse 17:57 everything out cuz some of these holes in the case savers they 18:04 go all the way through so if that means something can go in this way it can come inside the 18:10 case so yeah let's do that so I've got to install a whole bunch of these 18:21 guys this is just Aviation sealant you could also 18:27 use red 18:34 locktite anything of that 18:42 nature like that and like 18:49 that oh that one's deep studded all right that's going to be a fun one we're 18:54 going to have to use a stud on that 19:07 perfect that's what we're trying to do all right [Music] 19:13 now we can get to cleaning out our engine 19:20 case just lightly tapping it 19:27 out and there's our K tabs this has got one 19:35 two three four dowel pins the opposite side only has one dowel 19:40 pin and also has the oil pickup and the studs are already installed so that's handy that's there that's there oil 19:49 pickup tube pressed in place good there definitely things like that is what we're going to have to 19:54 flush out all these journals make sure that that 20:00 everything is cleaned there's no debris obviously now we've got a little bit of our Aviation sealant in there it's 20:07 better than metal shavings I say inside this bore here and that bore 20:13 there those lifters get oil from this Cam Bearing so 20:19 Journal one of the most important ones is of course our oil pump pickups and 20:24 out inlets and Outlets clean that guy out and since 20:30 this case is aluminum we ain't got to worry about it rusting so that's good but either way 20:36 we're still going to give it a rinse with a hose after all this from our main bearing down to this cam 20:46 journal and one from that one to that one that's all those little ports and 20:52 passages inside the engine are all connected there we go 20:59 so out of the oil cooler we go into bearings can bearing can bearing can 21:06 bearing Inlet from the oil cooler hi sorry oil pressure relief make sure that 21:13 guy's all cleaned 21:19 [Music] 21:26 out don't rust anything you can't confirm 21:32 yourself I mean yeah it had a gasket seemed like it was a good stick but I don't 21:42 care apparently couple things we'll be doing here we've got 21:48 a bane bearing dowels to put in cam bearings 21:54 lifters distributor Drive shims distributor drive gear uh at which 22:02 point should be able to drop our uh crankshaft 22:07 in so let's get to it main bearing 22:17 [Music] dowels got one of our 22:23 two saddle bearings distributor drive 22:30 gear and this is going to install with this small 22:37 C lining up this way so that Groove is going to be offset towards the crank not 22:43 towards the flywheel offset Groove towards the crank straight up and down as we're 22:49 installing it into the engine after I can tell you this it's probably a snug 22:55 fit oh okay good not too 23:00 bad little assembly 23:15 lube and so you want that guy in line with 23:23 the case that way I'm going to pull off our flywheel 23:28 and then we can drop the crank Crankshaft installation 23:34 in this is one but this is three so I need to hold one up when we drop it in 23:39 so it's going to go in this way all right nub nub nub nub this is number one that's 23:47 number two let's do our best to align these bearings since you guys what I see 23:53 what I'm talking about we want these guys that that and that we want all 23:58 those bearings to align up with this pin this pin and this pin once we drop her 24:03 in place am I right or am I 24:09 wrong can't be right and backwards I might be completely bass 24:14 Awards mono and I am yep I'm backwards dagging a 24:23 it where are we 24:30 Are we more lined up now yes 24:38 no I've got everything upside down 24:44 monil all right so I've got my rods on 24:54 backwards oh now I've got to take all of our rods off and and redo all that so 24:59 hold please as we can see here I don't build engines every day so I've got all my rods 180 out so 25:08 I'm going to have to go back and flip this this guy 180 that way this guy 180 25:14 that guy this guy 180 this guy 180 that way I forgot that number three is our offset closest to the flywheel so it 25:23 goes 3 1 4 2 25:28 so anyway I'm going to pull all these up here throw them up here real quick flip 25:33 all my rods around retorque them and then we'll reset and we'll drop our crank in hold 25:56 please now let's try this one more time oh let's make sure our distributor 26:03 Drive gears fully seated 26:10 [Music] and that one's 26:19 good that one's [Music] 26:25 good this guy is being 26:31 stinker there we are just felt it I just felt I hope you saw 26:37 it one final test will be to just temporarily set this guy in 26:45 place with the dabal lube make sure yeah no we're not all in place cuz 26:52 that guy is rocking and if that guy's rocking we're not set 27:04 this is for our cam thrust that's why it's got that face 27:10 right there and this is our back bearing over 27:17 here which gives us better room for our Kim plug here we 27:24 go even if you don't know you can still figure it out and then that will allow that guy to 27:32 sit in there much better 27:38 perfect this is a new case so these are going to 27:44 be relatively tight things will be 27:49 tight not like dropping lifs into a a used magnesium case they just kind of 27:55 fall right in cuz those cases have plenty of miles on them these guys don't 28:02 oh wow no oil no Gunk no grease No Junk just a good old stock cam Camshaft prep 28:11 shaft so we're going to go clean it up real quick just in case and then we're going to put it to 28:24 use so we're going to rotate this Camshaft installation 28:31 guy in place like so a little bit more Luby 28:38 lubs cam feels good doesn't look like it's Case half prep 28:43 jumping say we are good to go there um 28:49 normally we put O-rings on these guys it does not look like there's spots 28:54 for O-rings like we're going to put them 29:05 on one main bearing Dow goes on this side along with this main bearing saddle 29:13 bearing I just redid the rear main seal on it actually had Aviation sealant we 29:21 still got a good amount from the last time we did you put some of that on our lifter BS 29:27 get those guys ready for tap tap tap ring in some new 29:35 lifters two from here let's go through and clean 29:40 up a little bit of oil off of our case halves much as we can 29:48 anyway this will give our sealant a better chance of 29:56 Sealing [Music] 30:01 the same thing over here a little bit easier cuz we ain't got much in our 30:07 way let that sit and tack up for the minute uh did I do this backwards again montal I 30:16 did oh your little knobs my 30:22 knobs cuz that's the bottom huh yep well guess what now I'm going to do 30:27 it on the engine remember I had my rods backwards before well apparently either I put them 30:33 on backwards again or I had them on right the first time either way you guys probably saw 30:40 that the entire time and were sitting there screaming and yelling at me why didn't you tell me I couldn't 30:46 hear you that's why wouldn't have mattered anyway so now I'm going 30:52 to pull these off again 30:58 [Music] 31:04 [Applause] Case half installation 31:16 oh a shuffle pin I didn't realize we had Shuffle 31:22 pins my Shuffle pins 31:28 right there Shuffle pins you don't use O-rings right there and right there so let's get those guys out of the 31:37 way I was wondering what those gr big grooves were in there for I guess now I 31:46 know there we go much 31:51 better every single 32:07 [Music] make sure the case the crank turns 32:12 over which apparently it does 32:20 not which is not good so what happened is the question 32:31 did the main bearing fall out maybe that's my 32:36 guess when I was tapping it around to get 32:42 the shuffle pins in perhaps that main bearing saddle bearing got 32:51 [Music] dislodged 32:59 and again we're locked up dude what the 33:09 bearing's good bearing's good bearing's 33:25 good 33:31 [Music] 33:38 everything's happy still that's good we're getting 33:50 somewhere 33:55 finally 34:07 we still spin you get a washer you get a 34:13 washer you get a washer you get a washer but you don't 34:18 get tightened yet you're going to get a bolt but you three are not going to get tightened 34:25 yet [Music] 34:37 is it Overkill putting Aviation sealing on every single bolt and nut and washer 34:42 yeah but you know what I don't like oil leaks it's a Volkswagen still going to 34:48 leak but whatever at least we gave it our best shot that's 34:54 good that's good that's good 35:03 [Music] not tight Oil pump installation 35:19 [Music] 35:25 yet 35:33 long side points towards the center of the cam so then our pickup side which goes 35:40 to our tube lines up follow that with our drive gear now engaged to our Cam 35:49 and even though there's these little alignment marks on these things they literally mean absolutely 35:55 nothing but we'll still make them line 36:03 up there thin 36:09 coat and hopefully we've got some sealing nuts in there more Aviation sealant in lie 36:17 of sealing nuts and least these have nylocks so 36:23 that'll help seal the threads as well 36:40 crank she still cranks over nicely he doesn't like the way that 36:46 sits D NAB it nice try and there's no point in putting Oil sump plate installation 36:53 sealant on these because we're going to run this thing to a break-in run 37:01 and drain the oil so if it leaks it leaks 37:09 note Supply your own sealing washers for your St 37:16 [Music] 37:25 plate is it going to leak probably but that's one thing this thing 37:31 is missing is apparently seiling washers for the acorn nuts for the sun 37:50 plate and then I'll have to it went out aluminum com 37:55 back [Music] 38:03 so that's going to do it for day one as you can see we've got the engine done uh 38:09 I struggled a little bit and I'm not going to lie uh definitely wasn't on point these are the only instructions I 38:16 had which was basically the endplay sequence without the engine assembled 38:24 and then our torque patterns and torque specs that's all the instructions I had 38:29 I was doing everything off memory but I was on one side of the bench working on 38:34 the crank trying to show you guys the audience how the engine should look so I 38:39 was completely backwards through most of that build uh but anyway it's assembled 38:45 it's done and right now we're working on getting aftermarket engine 10 fit to an 38:50 aftermarket engine case which isn't fun but that'll be in an upcoming video in 38:55 the meantime we hope you guys have enjoyed this next week we'll get the top end put on and I struggle there a little 39:03 bit too but stay tuned 39:15 guys Go Solar