Published: June 2nd 2020

Thing VIN Identification:

Always buy parts based on VIN numbers, do not trust the year written on your cars title. e.g. A beetle made in Germany early 1966 that sat on a US dealership lot till the following year. When sold, the vehicles title would state the car is a '67. Parts purchased for '67 may not fit a 66.

Not sure what your car is? Check the VIN number is located under rear seat on center tunnel Chassis ID Plate. Depending on year may also be either behind the spare tire (pre-69)or in the door jamb and on the dash (post 69-).

Information below is considered "stock original specifications" for VW's destined to the US market. Always double check with your vehicle before ordering parts. We are not responsible for discrepancies.

Production Dates

Chassis Number


Engine Number

Front End

Rear End

Lug Pattern


1973 VW Thing

1974 VW Thing

8/72 - 9/73
All 183 2000 001 - 183 3026 058 1600cc
Dual Port
AM 000 001 - AM 011 820 Thing Ball Joint (Drum) I.R.S. (Drum) 5x205mm 12 Volt

10/73 - 9/74
All 184 2000 001 - 112 3200 000 1600cc
Dual Port
AM 011 821 - AM 029 046 Thing Ball Joint (Drum) I.R.S. (Drum) 5x205mm 12 Volt

Please Note: Special Editions
Upholstery for most models of Special Edition vehicles is not available. Standard upholstery will not fit!