How to Install Door Seals.

Starting at one end and working your way around the door stretches the seal as you go. You will end up with a bulge that will not fit in door channel. More importantly, this is not the way they were designed to install.

Proper Installation.

We recommend test-fitting your door seals before gluing.

1- Make sure you have a clean surface to work with. Remove any old cracked or rotted seal remnants from door channel if necessary.

2- Start by inserting door seals at all 4 corners. Glue in corners with weatherstrip adhesive.

3- Work remainder loose seal in between corners. Glue in place as seal is tucked / fitted inside channel.

4- Follow your weather strip adhesive dry-time guidelines. Cure times will vary by manufacturer.

5- **(If installing German Seals) German seals create an air tight seal when closing doors. This can make closing the doors difficult. Experience has taught us opening your windows a little to let air escape helps while breaking in new seals.0

VW Door Rubber Seal Installation Diagram.