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JBugs - 1971 VW Super Beetle - Carburetor Replacement:

Video Overview:

We've had one of our employee's cars sitting in our shop for awhile now and as it is the midst of the summer here in Phoenix, it 's not like he would have been driving it regularly. We had some free time in between other projects and videos and now that fall is just around the corner we figure we might as well get some work done on it. So first things first, he wanted the stock original carburetor replaced and as it had just sprung a fuel leak, it seemed like the timing was perfect! Follow along with our tech Sam as he goes through swapping out and then tuning a stock replacement carburetor.

Intro: 0:00
Carburetor removal: 0:22
Carburetor information: 0:42
Carburetor installation: 2:35
Oil bath air cleaner information: 2:41
Carburetor test run: 4:14
Carburetor adjustment: 5:11

Video Transcript:

this 1971 student video's got itself an old worn out 34 Pick 3 carburetor and apparently 0:07 it sprung a league 0:08 hi I'm Sam with jbugs.com we're going to swap out this old and now leaking 34 Pick 3 carburetor 0:19 for one of our new 34 Pick 3 reproduction cards the hoses that are connected to the Carburetor removal 0:24 oil bath air cleaner are removed followed by the air cleaner then the electrical connections 0:30 at the choke and the idle solenoid are disconnected throttle cable is disconnected and the nuts 0:37 are run threaded from the base of the manifold so the carburetor can be removed so this is Carburetor information 0:42 our 34 Pick 3 replacement carburetor this is something that we worked on with the manufacturer 0:48 developing to our specifications and we're very very happy with it it still has a factory 0:54 eye Auto solenoid Factory choke set up for 12 volts it does have a threaded fuel Inlet 1:00 so there's a lot less prone to having those fuel lines pull out as is common with the 1:04 original Distributors still has our vacuum advance our vacuum recharge as well as our 1:11 vacuum signal for auto stick carburetors that need that additional vacuum Port there so 1:17 the carb comes with a 55 Idle Jet and a 127.5 main jet and then it comes with a 0.70 airjet 1:27 additionally it comes with a larger 137.5 Main Jet and a 60 Idle Jet for those that 1:36 have higher amounts of ethanol in their fuel like 10 or more you're probably going to want 1:40 to swap out to these Jets just because with more ethanol you have less Fuel and fuel is 1:47 actually what we're burning so we are definitely start it run it see how it responds first 1:52 and then go from there based on your tuning and how much you're going to have to pull 1:57 out your uh your fuel screw studs just thread in they come loose in the Box just so they 2:05 don't poke through the foam Packaging we've of course got our base gasket and then we've 2:10 got flange serrated nuts so you don't have to hold that little washer on while you're 2:17 trying to thread that on the bottom side of the intake manifold so it's got a nice serrated 2:23 flanged edge so there's no need for a washer or a lock washer after the fact 2:31 pre-assembled so to speak we're gonna go put this on the car our new carburetor is installed Carburetor installation 2:36 reversing those same steps 2:37 it's nothing horribly dirty but there's some debris in there this is more or less how they Oil bath air cleaner information 2:54 used to be oil baths are a very simple and efficient air cleaner so air comes in through 3:01 here gets swished around through here and then it actually has to go through that 3:13 and through here before it goes inside this little guy right here and out there and then 3:23 down there so it's a somewhat complicated but very simple and effective way of cleaning 3:33 the air all right I'm going to add some oils 3:39 fill up the bottom till it's just about level with the line and we'll note that the vent 3:46 on the back side that would have gone to the fan shroud has already been plugged 3:55 and with that our carburetor is installed we've gone through verified that everything's 4:00 connected tight wire is not going to short out we're gonna crank it over get some fuel 4:07 back into that float Bowl and start her up and see how she runs out of the box Carburetor test run 4:42 so we started her up let it run for a few moments make sure that we've got no fuel leaking 4:47 we're going to start her up again let the choke warm up and then we'll go back and double 4:52 check that our accelerator arm is set correctly just doing some quick acceleration we noticed 4:59 a little bit of hesitation so we're going to check our air and our fuel screws we'll 5:04 show you guys how to do that in a moment but for now we're just going to start her up let 5:08 her warm so now that the car is mostly warmed up make sure that the chokes fully opened Carburetor adjustment 5:17 and 5:18 see we got a little bit of play right there so we're going to turn until it just contacts 5:29 there nice and solid and then we're gonna go one quarter turn more so right now we're 5:34 right here we're going to turn that screw one quarter turn 5:37 we've got our fast idle screw set we're going to set our bypass screw or truly our idle 5:45 screw to 900 RPM we're going to come back and work on the air control screw to get the 5:52 highest smooth idle and then we're going to go back and reset our idle screw at 900 RPM 6:15 thank you 6:32 [Applause] 6:40 [Applause] 6:48 laughs 6:57 [Applause] 7:05 all right so with that our carburetors installed and tuned we've gone over all the steps to 7:25 show you guys how to do that however it feels like after doing a quick uh drive around the 7:30 building here a couple times it doesn't feel like our distributor is advancing properly 7:34 so I'm gonna go through and show you guys how to set the timing on a double09 and that'll 7:40 be in our next video thanks for watching