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Beetle Running Board Installation:

Video Overview:

Installing new running boards is a simple job that can make a big difference in the overall look of your Beetle. There are a few steps, that most people overlook, to make sure that the running boards fit correctly. Follow along with our tech as he shows you how to make certain your running boards fit correctly.

Video Transcript:

Hi I'm Sam with California Pacific JBugs.


Today we're going to be installing a set of these nutech aluminum boards on our restoration series beetle. The nutech aluminum board, what we're doing today has a satin black finish here with the polished lip. We refer to as our vintage style running board. We're going to go over with you a couple tips and tricks as far as installing the running boards on the beetle. Pretty simple and easy restoration project for you guys to do at home.


We start the running board installation by removing the old running boards first. Here we have the right side of the car jacked up and sitting on a jack stand. We'll get underneath the running board and against the body there are four 10 millimeter headed bolts to remove.


Once that's done at the front edge of the running board, remove the 13 millimeter headed bolt and nut, and that same bolt and nut at the rear that hold the running board to the fenders. The running board can then be removed from the body and you can clean any dirt or debris off the body where the running board sits. This step is often overlooked and can cause too large of a gap at the front of the running board or at the back of the running board.


Make sure to loosen the bottom two 13 millimeter headed bolts at the back edge of the front fender and the same two 13 millimeter head bolts at the front edge of the rear fender. Now can install the new boards. We have the new running board held in place against the body and we'll loosely screw-in the four 10 millimeter headed bolts and washers. Loosely bolt the front and rear of the board to the front and rear fenders with the 13 millimeter head bolts, nuts, and washers. Make sure to install the rubber spacer in between the fenders and the running board.


With everything loosely bolted, go underneath the car and tighten the four 10 millimeter bolts holding the running board to the body. Then tighten the 13 millimeter bolts and nuts at the front and rear edge of the running board.


Finally back to the fenders tighten the lower two bolts at the front and the rear fender that we loosened up earlier. The right side running board is now installed. We have a nice gap at the front and rear now we can go ahead and install the left side running board.


With the left side running board now installed we have a nice even fit body and the gaps at the fenders, front and rear, are both good. The boards are on securely and the nice thing about the nutech aluminum boards is the strength. I am 215 pounds and I can jump up and stand on the board without having to worry about them collapsing. The nutech running boards are great product that will last for many years and they're nice finishing touch for any year beetle.