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VW Interior Parts

We offer the largest selection of VW Interior Parts and Upholstery in the world - Period.

Our Interior kits feature TMI Seat Upholstery, TMI Door Panels, TMI Interior Carpet Kits, TMI Headliners and TMI Seat Foam Kits. The Volkswagen interior kits are available for the VW Bug, VW Super Beetle, Karmann Ghia and VW Type 3 (Squareback, Fastback and Notchback).

All of our VW Interior Upholstery is made by TMI in the USA. TMI is the industries leader for Volkswagen Interior Parts. Their Seat Covers are guaranteed to fit, made from premium fabrics and backed by time tested quality.

All of our Interior Parts are guaranteed to fit your VW and to last a lifetime.

In addition to our huge inventory of Classic VW parts, we also offer a 2 hour and 15 minute Interior Restoration DVD which will help you restore your Volkswagen just like the pros.

Why JBUGS is your TMI Interior Upholstery Specialist!

We offer the largest selection of VW Interior Parts in the world - Period.

We feature TMI Seat Upholstery, TMI Door Panels, TMI Headliners and TMI Carpet Kits. We are proud to be one of the largest (and most knowledgeable) TMI Interior Parts distributor in the world. In addition to that, we stock more TMI VW Interior Upholstery than any other company on earth.

Why JBUGS is your source for Volkswagen Interiors!

Our commitment to the VW enthusiast is top-notch. We have been around for over 26 years, and helped thousands of customers restore their cars with professional results. All our customer service & sales employees at California Pacific JBUGS have owned, driven, restored and taken pride in their VW's. When you call us, the person on the phone is not just an order taker behind a cash register. We have had multiple cars featured in HotVW's and other Volkswagen publications, and we know VW's and we know the difference between quality parts that fit and cheap imitations!

Our VW Interior Restoration Video is over 2 hours long and has been helping thousands of VW owners restore and install their VW interior "just like the pros". Even a novice can install their dreaded VW headliner with great results and save tons of money.

How JBUGS works for you.

We offer and/or can custom make VW Interior Upholstery Kits to suit all your needs. From stock to wild, we can do it all! Our Interior kits feature TMI Seat Upholstery, TMI Door Panels, TMI Interior Carpet Kits, TMI Headliners and TMI Seat Foam Kits. Our Interior restorion Kits are pre-selected with everything you will need to do a ground-up restoration. We work with our customers on the spot, and can modify any Interior Restoration Kit to include any additional Items required, or make custom modifications. Dont see what your looking for? Give us a call and we will be happy to build it for you!

Our Volkswagen Interior Parts include:

- TMI VW Seat Upholstery - We offer basketweave vinyl, classic smooth vinyl, tweed, and velour as well as vinyl and velour or vinyl and tweed combinations. We also offer VW Bug seat upholstery in both full insert and 12 inch insert 2-tone styles. In addition to VW seat upholstery, we also offer everything you need to restore and install your new VW interior.

We also a complete selection of VW seat pads that are precision designed for each individual year of car. Both our VW seat upholstery and VW seat pads are guaranteed to fit perfectly. Our VW Interior restoration video will show you step-by-step how to properly restore and install your new VW seat upholstery.

- TMI VW Door Panels - Our VW door panels are available in stock single color or classic 2-tone vinyl. We also offer VW door panels in custom tweed, velour and 2-tone styles with your choice of colors and materials. Our VW door panels utilize pre-drilled thick masonite board backing that is the longest lasting and most durable backing material on the market. We also offer VW armrests in a large selection of matching colors with available hardware, as well as German-made original door panel clips and seals.

- TMI VW Headliners - Our VW headliners are available in stock vinyl (perforated or crush grain vinyl) and original mohair. We also offer VW headliners in custom tweed and velour to match your custom interior. Our VW bug headliners are available in both easy install and original installation styles.

We also offer everything you need to install your VW headliner: headliner, headliner pad kit, headliner bows, headliner glue, bow end caps and our exclusive VW headliner installation video. Thousands of individuals have used our VW Interior installation video to install their VW headliner "just like the pros".

- TMI VW Carpet Kits - Our precision fit VW carpet kits are available in a huge selection of colors and materials. In addition to original German Squareweave carpet, we also offer premium quality loop and cut-pile carpet.

Our VW beetle carpet kits are available in either standard or premium kits. Our premium VW carpet kits are pre-cut and grommeted for gear shift, emergency brake and seat belt holes.

- TMI VW Sun visors - Our quality VW sun visors are the best fitting and longest lasting on the market. Our VW sun visors utilize a jersey spring clip to stop your visor from falling down. All of our VW sun visors are available in stock white or black as well as custom vinyl and velour colors to match your headliner or interior.

- TMI VW Interior Kits - Our famous VW interior restoration kits include seat upholstery, door panels, headliner, carpet kit, hogring kit, headliner glue and our renowned VW Interior Restoration Video. We use only the finest quality VW interior parts available.

We offer the largest selection of Interior VW Parts for VW Rabbit and VW Cabriolet.

In addition to individual VW interior parts, we also offer our VW Interior Restoration Kits. The interior kits are available for the VW Bug, VW Super Beetle, Karmann Ghia and VW Type 3 (Squareback, Fastback and Notchback).

Our Interior Kits include VW seat upholstery, door panels, headliner and carpet kits. In addition, we also include the hogring kit, headliner glue and our Interior Restoration Video (DVD or VHS).

Special Edition VW Disclaimer.

Please note! VW did produce special edition models. These models may include the Sun Bug, Levi Edition, Baja Edition, GSR model, The Jubilee Kafer, The Volkswagen Europa Edition 1, Champagne Edition, etc. It is the vehicle owners responsibility to be aware of what model vehicle the upholstery is being ordered for. We apologize, but there are no returns on special order upholstery, including situations where a special edition vehicle is involved.

Upholstery for most models of Special Edition vehicles is not available. Standard Beetle upholstery will not fit!