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VW Dashboards

We offer quality replacement VW dashboards for the VW Bug, VW Super Beetle, VW Karmann Ghia and the VW Type 3 (Squareback, Fastback, Notchback).

Our VW Bug dashboards fit great and have the same texture, fit and padding as the original. These are the finest replacement VW dashboards on the market. The VW Bug dashboards have 3 different year breaks (just like the original) to guarantee a perfect fit. We have tried the cheap $60 and $80 dashboards that other companies sell and they just don't fit. We would not think of putting them in our own cars and simply will not sell them. In order to complete the restoration of your VW Bug dashboard, we also offer replacement dash knobs and vents.

For the VW Super Beetle, we offer the padded dash for the 1971-72 Super Beetle and the dash topper for the 1973-79 Super Beetle (with the curved windshield). The 1971-72 VW Super Beetle dashboard fits great and has the same texture and finish as the original. The 1973-79 Volkswagen Super Beetle dash topper is made of ABS plastic and fits over your original dash. It is NOT a replacement dash. The replacement dashboards for the 1973-79 Super Beetle are not made. In addition to the VW Super Beetle dashboard, we also offer a complete selection of dash knobs, dash vents and glove boxes.

Our VW Karmann Ghia dashboards are the finest in the industry and fit great. These padded dashes will fit from 1967-74 Karmann Ghias. In addition to the Karmann Ghia dashboard, we also offer dash faces in either wood-grain or black pebble-grain finish. We also offer padded dash knee pads. Our VW Karmann Ghia dashboards offer the best fit, look, and performance of any Ghia dashboard on the market.

Our VW Type 3 dashboard is padded with the proper texture and fit for the VW Squareback, Fastback and Notchback. These padded Type 3 dashboards replace the cracked and faded dashes you see on most project cars.

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