Why does JBUGS offer the best VW Seat Upholstery?

Color match OEM VW colors.

All JBUGS VW Interior Products products feature EXACT and AUTHENTIC colors, which makes matching OEM colors easy and accurate.
Plus, future additions blend in perfectly. Some brands always seem to be a shade different, even when you think
your buying the right color. Mismatched colors look cheap and not very professional. Why settle for "close" when
you can have EXACT?

Solid Extruded Vinyl Piping

The "piping" (also known as welt) on seats and door panels can be made two ways, Extruded or Wrapped.
Extruded method produced piping made of solid color that is 23 times thicker than a vinyl wrapped cord. No
matter how much wear you give Extruded Piping, it never shows the cord or white string like wrapped cord
will show.


Enduratex is the thickest vinyl used for upholstery period! Some of the "other" door panels and seat upholstery are made with a vinyl film. Talk about thin. All JBUGS VW Interior Upholstery Products feature thick expanded vinyl with cross-linked backing. It looks new longer, holds up to wear, cleans up easy, and holds its original shape.

We only carry TMI Upholstery Headliners.

Anyone who is familiar with Volkswagen Interiors will tell you to choose a TMI Quality Headliner when restoring your VW. They are the industries leader for Volkswagen Interior parts. Their headliners are guaranteed to fit *(professional installation is always recommended).

In addition to carrying the best, we stock the most! We stock more TMI Upholstery than any one else in the world. And our proximity to TMI allows us to re-up our STOCK inventory in a matter of days, not weeks. ***(special order items are not stock- and generally take 2-3 weeks in production.)

The best Lifetime Warranty on the market. Period!

The Upholstery we carry is the only VW Upholstery on the market good enough to carry a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. Buy with confidence knowing quality comes first. JBUGS first priority's are to achieve customer satisfaction and quality of their products.