We proudly feature TMI Door Panels - the highest Quality Volkswagen Beetle, Ghia, Type2 / Bus, & Type 3 Door Panels on the market.

Why TMI VW Door Panels from JBUGS?

Quality. It's worth checking to know if your new Volkswagen door panel uses cardboard or Masonite wood panels. Cardboard can bend easily, and may deform, especially when dampened by rain or snow. Even cleaning sprays working in around the edges can begin the deterioration process. Our door panels only uses Masonite wood backing. Wood is the ultimate in lasting quality. Extremely rigid, durable and unaffected by moisture, they last and look new longer! If you demand an exact match to Factory Embossing ... your only choice is JBUGS. Our door panels are embossed with a tool made from the ORIGINAL Volkswagen door panel!

tmi door panels

Color match OEM VW Door Panel colors.

All TMI interior upholstery products feature EXACT and AUTHENTIC colors, which makes matching OEM colors easy and accurate. Plus, future additions blend in perfectly. Some brands always seem to be a shade different, even when you think you are buying the right color. Mismatched colors look cheap and not very professional. Why settle for "close" when you can have an EXACT match?

tmi factory color samples


Enduratex is the thickest vinyl used for upholstery period! Some of the "other" door panels and seat upholstery are made with a vinyl film. Talk about thin. All TMI VW Interior Upholstery Products feature thick expanded vinyl with cross-linked backing. It looks new longer, holds up to wear, cleans up easy, and holds its original shape.

All our Upholstery is backed by the best Lifetime Warranty on the market. Period!

The TMI Upholstery we carry is the only VW Upholstery on the market good enough to carry a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. Buy with confidence knowing quality comes first. JBUGS first priority's are to achieve customer satisfaction and quality of their products.