1954-1964 Beetle Convertible

VW Beetle Convertible Seals Diagram

VW Beetle Convertible Top Seals through 1964

Code/Link Name Years
A. 151-357B-L-R Side Windows to Top Seals, Left & Right 1950-64
B. 151-439D Door Glass to Frame Seals, Left & Right 1950-79
C. 151-341A Quarter Window Upright Seals, Left & Right 1950-79
D. 151-359 Metal Inserts for Side to Top Seals, 8 pieces 1950-64
E. 151-353A-L-R Front Door Vent to Windshield Frame Seals, Left & Right 1950-64
F. 151-625-L-R Vent Wing Window Seals, Left & Right 1954-64
G. 151-349A Top to Front Window Frame Seal 1958-67
H. 151-351 Metal Inserts for Door Pillar Seals, Left & Right 1954-64
I. 111837629 Vent Wing Window Flap Seal, Left & Right 1954-64
J. 151-433A Window Felt Channels, Left & Right 1954-79
K. 151-475 Convertible Scrapers, Inside/Outside, Left & Right Pair 1952-64
VW Beetle Convertible Diagram
These wedges are crucial for proper seal fitment. Often overlooked when building restorations, many shops/owners don't know what they are for or where they go. Your convertible originally came with these wedges because they close the gaps between extruded rubber seals and your vehicle's body. All wedges sold as left/right pairs.

VW Beetle Convertible Top Wedges & Seals through 1964

Code/Link Name Years
A. 151-357-L-R Rear Quarter Wedges, Left & Right 1954-64
B. 151-410-L-R Outside Quarter Facing Base Seals, Left & Right 1952-64
C. 151-493-L-R Front Door Wedges, Left & Right 1954-64
D. 151-497-L-R Rear Door Wedges, Left & Right 1954-64
E. 151-351-L-R Front Quarter Wedges, Left & Right 1954-64

These diagrams serve to illustrate Beetle Convertible top seals, wedges, and trim placement. There are other seals such as door seals and door handle seals not shown in these diagrams.