Tuning up your air-cooled VW is vital to keep your car running strong. We highly recommend a tune up every 10,000-12,000 miles. We offer a complete selection of Ignition and Tune Up Parts for your 1955 Volkswagen Bus.

Our huge selection of ignition components includes Condensers, Distributors and Distributor Caps, Electronic Ignition Components, Ignition Points and Coils, Rotors, Spark Plugs, Spark Plug Wires, and Rev Limiting Rotors.

Our VW Tune Up Kits bring all of your tune up parts together into a kit, ensuring you have all the essential parts you need and saving you money! We offer three Tune Up Kits to choose from.

We also offer a full selection of generators and alternators to keep your 1955 VW Bus powered up and running smoothly. We offer both new and rebuilt generators. Our rebuilt generators are rebuilt by the manufacturer to be just like new. We also offer our Alternator Conversion Kit. It includes everything you need to convert your VW from a generator to an alternator.

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