We offer everything you need to repair your Volkswagen Floor Pans including half and quarter floor pans, floor pan to body seals, floor pan hardware, shock absorbers, and more.

The 1958 VW Beetle half floor pans feature L-shaped seat rails and include jack supports. Our quarter floor pans can be used to patch rusted out and damaged sections. They do not cover the seat rail area.

If you need two floor pans for your 1958 Volkswagen Beetle, buy them together to save on shipping. Shipping is the same cost whether you buy one or two floor pans.

Please Note : Our VW Floor Pans are sprayed with rust inhibitor. They MUST be sanded and primed prior to installation.


Code: 111805451F

Price: $65.95

As low as $3.04 a month*


Code: 111-331

Price: $9.95

As low as $0.46 a month*

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