We hand pick all of the seals that we put in the kits, create kits customized for each year and model of classic VW, and offer the highest quality seals available so you can purchase one of our rubber kits knowing that you are getting a superior product. We designed VW Complete Car Rubber Kits for cars undergoing a complete restoration overhaul or for cars fresh from the paint shop. The kits include all of the exterior rubber seals needed for the 1962 VW Karmann Ghia.

Volkswagen Complete Rubber Kits feature German Rubber Door Seals, Window Scrappers and Hood Seals. We offer Cal-Look Style Window Seals which are a popular style of after-market window seals without a molding groove. They are simple to install and require no trim. We also offer American Style Window Seals which are just like OEM and contain a molding groove to accept trim.

What's the difference between Cal Look and American Style Window Seals?
American-Style and Cal-Look VW's: READ MORE about the difference in styles.

We hand select only the highest quality rubber available when building our VW Rubber Kits. We bundle the rubber required to fill various jobs, apply a kit discount to save you money, and back our Rubber Kits with a limited lifetime warranty.


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