We offer a huge selection of Master Cylinders, Reservoirs and Brake Hoses and Lines for your 1963 VW Karmann Ghia Convertible.

We carry German and TRW made stock master cylinders as well as 22mm and 20.6mm "Big Bore" master cylinders. We only offer high quality brake products that we know can provide your VW with the stopping power it needs.

In addition to master cylinders, we also offer brake fluid reservoirs, brake lines and more to help you complete your VW brake job.

1963 Karmann Ghia Convertible Hard Brake Line Index:

  • 113611723A - 200mm - Master Cylinder to Front Left Brake Hose
  • 113611724B - 425mm - Master Cylinder to Front Right Brake Hose
  • 211611741K - 2180mm - Master Cylinder to Rear Brake Line "T"
  • 113611763A - 190mm - Rear Brake Line "T" to Left Rear Brake Hose
  • 211611723A - 720mm - Rear Brake Line "T" to Right Rear Brake Hose
  • 113611781D - 330mm - Rear Brake Hose to Left or Right Rear Wheel Cylinder (on the Axle Tubes, 2 needed per car)

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