VW Interior Kits Over 25 years ago we created our Complete Volkswagen Interior Kits. Our VW Interior Kits are the best value for restoring the interior of your 1966 Volkswagen Bug, saving you up to $100 from the cost of buying interior parts individually.

Our 1966 VW Bug Interior Kits include Seat Upholstery, Door Panels, Headliner Kit, Carpet Kit, Hogring Kit, and Headliner Glue. We also include our Interior Restoration DVD with step-by-step instructions
for removing old interiors and installing your new VW interior parts like a pro.

We offer a complete selection of materials and colors to help you restore your Classic VW to stock or create your own custom look.
First select a kit; then customize your Seat Upholstery, Door Panels, Headliner, and Carpet.

View our complete selection of materials and colors HERE.


Code: 111-65-66Bask

Price: $629.95 $598.45

Code: 111-65-66Sqr

Price: $689.95 $655.45

Code: 111-65-66Smooth

Price: $689.95 $655.45

Code: 111-65-66Velour

Price: $879.95 $835.95

Code: 111-65-66Tweed

Price: $879.95 $835.95

Code: 111-65-66FullInsert

Price: $879.95 $835.95

Code: 111-65-66-12Insert

Price: $939.95 $892.95