JBugs has a complete selection of Clutches and Components to fit a 1970 VW Bus. Rebuilding is made simple with quality German clutch discs, bearings, and pressure plates.

In years 1965 and prior, VWs had a 6 Volt, 180mm Clutch and Flywheel. Years 1966 through 1971 switched to a 12 Volt, 200mm Clutch and Flywheel. From 1972 to 1975 the VW Bus changed once again, offering either a 210mm or 215mm Clutch configuration. After, years 1976 to 1979 came standard with a 228mm Clutch.

Keep in mind having a 12 Volt system does not determine that your VW has a 12 Volt Clutch. Changing to a 12 Volt system and keeping the 6 Volt Flywheel, Clutch, and Starter is common practice on earlier engines.

Be certain to measure your Clutch Disc to determine which components are needed!

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