Improve your VW Baja Bug or Off Road Ball Joint Buggies stopping power with disc brakes. Ball joint disc brake kits are available in bolt on kits which bolt up to your existing ball joint spindles or as a kit with new spindles. The bolt on kits include a bracket that will adapt a disc brake caliper to your stock spindle. Spindle kits come with a new spindle that has a caliper mount built in for a stronger, 1 piece design.

The Type 1 ball joint front end was first offered by VW in 1966 and used up to 1977 on all Standard Beetles. It is a strong front end but has it's limitations off road with the ball joints limiting the travel. We offer the disc brake kits in the 5x205 and 4x130mm VW patterns as well as the Porsche 5x130 and Chevy 5x4.75mm patterns. If you have a different lug pattern and can have a machine shop ready, we even offer disc brake kits with blank rotors.

Replacement disc brake pads, calipers, rotors, bearings, seals, thrust washers, and spindle nuts are all available if you need replacements due to wear or otherwise.

5x205mm Wide 5 VW Disc Brakes

Bolt on kit for use with stock VW Ball Joint Spindles.

Code: 22-2892
Price: $29.95


4x130mm (VW), 5x130mm/5x4.75(Porsche/Chevy) & Blank Discs - Bolt On

These kits will bolt on to your stock Type 1 VW Ball Joint Spindles.

4x130mm (VW), 5x130mm/5x4.75(Porsche/Chevy) & Blank Discs - With Replacement Spindles

If you have damaged the Ball Joint spindles on your Baja Bug or Dune Buggy, replace them and upgrade to disc brakes at the same time.

4x130mm,5x130mm/5x4.75 & Blank Disc Brake Kit - Rotors, Calipers & Pads

Replacement Disc Brake Rotors, Calipers & Pads for our Disc Brake Kits.

Code: 311615107BR
Price: $99.95


Code: 113407075
Price: $76.95


Code: 22-2964-B
Price: $73.95


Disc Brake Kit - Bearings, Seals & Spindle Hardware

Bearings, Seals & Spindle Hardware for Ball Joint Disc Brake Kits.

Code: 22-2851
Price: $29.95


Code: 131405641A
Price: $2.95


Code: 311405625
Price: $10.95