The Steering Wheel is the direct connection between you and your Off Road Buggy, make sure you have something nice to see and hold on to! If you are looking for a small and lightweight wheel, the 10" billet aluminum wheels are the best option. The polished finish will spruce up the interior of any sand rail!

For a more traditional wheel, Grant offers a wide spectrum of wheels. From the economic foam wheels, to their sporty Rally wheels with a polyurethane grip to the hand stitched Formula GT wheels. Grant steering wheels, adapters and spacers are available for most any off road application.

If you want to class up your interior, the Volante steering wheels are a beautifully crafted wheel. With polished aluminum centers wrapped in walnut, blackwood or real leather their isn't much better. Currently we only have adapters for 1960-1973 VW steering shafts.

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Billet Aluminum Steering Wheels & Adapters

Billet aluminum wheels and adapters are tough enough to handle all the elements your off road buggy will endure and not fall apart in your hands.

Code: 16-8100
Price: $145.95


Code: 16-8102
Price: $145.95


Code: 16-8105
Price: $10.95


Grant GT Sport Thick Foam Steering Wheels

Thick, textured foam grip with matte black or chrome steel spokes.

Grant GT Rally Steering Wheels

Black polyurethane grip with silver or black anodized aluminum spokes.

Grant Formula GT Steering Wheels

Black hand stiched leather grained vinyl grip with black or silver anodized or polished aluminum spokes.

Classic Foam Steering Wheels

Black cushioned foam grip with chrome steel spokes with flat 3 bolt mounting flange.

Grant & EMPI Steering Wheel Adapter Kits & Extensions

Offered for 49-79 VW Baja Bugs as well as various other Off Road and Racing applications.

Code: 79-4116
Price: $49.95


Volante 3 Spoke Steering Wheels

Volante 3 Spoke Steering wheels offer beautiful looks, real wood and leather grips and excellent craftsmanship.

Code: ST3053
Price: $199.95


Volante 4 Spoke Steering Wheels

Volante 4 Spoke Steering Wheels feature good looks, genuine wood and leather grips and great quality.

Volante Steering Wheel Adapters

Volante Wheel adapters are a work of art on their own and come with the horn button. The Volante Wheel Pattern is the same as the Formuling France, 9 hole pattern.

Volante VW 6 Hole Steering Wheels, Buttons & Adapters

Volante's S6 Line of steering wheels expands Volante's already extensive line of steering wheels. The Volante steering wheels are available with adapters to fit 1961 through 1979 VW Beetle steering columns. The wheel, adapter and button are sold separately and allow you to customize the look of your steering wheel.

Code: STB1041C
Price: $34.95


Code: STE1041C
Price: $29.95