For high horse power Baja Bugs & Off Road Buggies, Disc Brake Kits give safe and controlled stops every time. IRS (Independent Rear Suspension) is the preferred rear suspension off road and we have multiple options for the rear of your Dune Buggy or Baja Bug. The disc brake kits without an emergency brake are recommended off road only vehicles. Street legal dune buggies, will want a kit with an emergency brake.

IRS rear suspension is very common off road due to the limited camber change and amount of wheel travel it provides. IRS rear suspension was standard on VW Beetles starting in 1969 and was used all the way up to 1979 in the Super Beetle. Rear disc brake kits come in the wide 5x205mm VW pattern, the 4x130mm VW pattern, Porsche's 5x130mm and a Chevy 5x4.75" lug pattern. Blank disc brake kits are offered if you want to drill your own lug pattern.

If you want wider rear track width, the 5x205mm rear disc brake kit comes with 1" wider rotors. We also offer replacement disc brake rotors. pads, axle bearings, axle spacers and seals as well.

5x205mm Wide 5 VW Disc Brakes: 1968-1972

Wide Track 5x205 Disc Brake Kits feature 1" wider rotors to increase the track width of your off road buggy.

Code: 22-2973-B
Price: $151.95


5x205mm Wide 5 VW Disc Brakes: 1973-1979

Wide 5 VW Rear Disc Brakes kits for your Baja Bug will drastically improve your stopping power.

Code: 22-2972-B
Price: $119.95


Disc Brake Calipers & Pads for Wide 5 Disc E-Brake Kits

Replacement Calipers & Pads for 5x205 Disc Brake Kits with an Emergency Brake.

Code: 22-6123-B
Price: $139.95


Code: 22-6124-B
Price: $139.95


Code: 22-2891
Price: $24.95


4x130mm (VW), 5x130mm/5x4.75(Porsche/Chevy) & Blank Disc Kits, No E-Brake: 1968-1979

Off Road Sand Rails and Buggies do not typically use Emergency Brakes and don't have provisions for them so why have all that unnecessary weight?

Disc Brake Calipers & Pads for Non E-Brake Kits

Replacement Calipers & Pads for Disc Brake Kits that do not have and Emergency Brake.

Code: 311615107BR
Price: $99.95


4x130mm, 5x130mm/5x4.75 & Blank Disc Kits With Emergency Brake: 1968-1972

Perfect for Baja Bugs that want to keep their "street legal" requirements and swap to the stopping power of disc brakes.

4x130mm, 5x130mm/5x4.75 & Blank Disc Kits With Emergency Brake: 1973-1979

For VW Dune Buggys that are considered "street legal" and want to upgrade to Disc Brake stopping power.

4x130mm, 5x130mm/5x4.75 & Blank Disc Kit Rotors, E-Brake Calipers & Pads

Replacement Rotors, Calipers & Pads for the 4 Lug Based Rotor Kits that use an Emergency Brake.

Code: 22-2843-7
Price: $114.95


Code: 22-2844-B
Price: $73.95


Axle Seal Kits, Spacers, Bearings & Caps

IRS Axle Bearings are contained in the trailing arm and should be replaced if worn or contaminated during off roading.

Code: 22-5281-7
Price: $7.95


Code: 111598051A
Price: $6.95


Code: 16-2400
Price: $29.95


Code: 17-2699
Price: $41.95


Code: 17-2700
Price: $23.95


Code: N125481
Price: $0.50