JBugs has a complete selection of EMPI VW Carburetors, Carb Kits, and Components. We offer Single Port and Dual Port Carbs as well as Stock and Weber Performance options to fit all of your needs. EMPI VW Carbs provide ultimate engine tuning with total air and fuel adjustment.

The EMPI HPMX series have separate idle and main circuits featuring changeable air and fuel jets. The accelerator pump is also adjustable for maximum acceleration. Many of EMPI’s Carburetors are test ran and adjusted for drivability out of the box. If that is not enough; jets, gaskets, and rebuild kits are readily available.

When determining what carburetor model you need always check the engine serial number, carburetor model number and your intake manifold type. Although the original VW 28PCI and 28PICT Carburetors are not made new, the 30 PICT Carb is best used as a replacement. 31 and 34PICT Carbs are also an option.

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