JBugs offers a complete selection of EMPI VW Disc Brake Kits. Available for both the early 5-lug pattern and later 4-lug pattern, EMPI's disc brake kits come with all you need to convert those old VW drum brakes. Bolt on conversions are an option or for more custom preferences we also offer non drilled brake kits which can be made to fit any application. For competition use or the serious daily driver VW Race-Trim Micro Stub brakes may be purchased.

Most kits include all that you need but please make sure you are not missing anything else. Hoses, backing plates, calipers, pads, rotors, and rebuild kits can all be purchased individually. It is recommended that brake lines be installed by a trained mechanic due to the complexity and importance. Additionally, all systems must be bled properly before use.
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