JBugs offers a complete selection of EMPI VW Wheels, Nuts, Studs, and Hub Caps. Add custom style to your Volkswagen by choosing any one of EMPI's BRM, Alloy, Dish, or Torque Star models. Sprintstar, Riviera, and GT VW rims are also available. Individual replacement hardware and accessories may be purchased to accommodate your repair as well.

There may be fitment challenges when mounting aftermarket wheels. Measure and calculate as much as possible before purchasing. Sometimes spacers will not always work and other modifications may need to take place for proper installation.

EMPI Wheel Patterns or PCDs:

5x205 - 1967 VW Beetle and Earlier, 12mm Lug
4x130 - 1968 VW Beetle and Later, 14mm Lug
5x112 - 1971 VW Bus and Later, 14mm Lug
5x100 - New Beetle, 14mm Lug
5x130 - Porsche Pattern, 14mm Lug, (will need adaptors for use on VW)
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